Maria Loreto dreams of winning medals in world championships


to Maria Loreto Arias2022 will be a competitive year. The Ecuadorean will look for gold medal in a Ski World Championships, in Argentina, in October.

Next season, he will also be present at Bolivarian Games, in Colombia, scheduled for June; the world games, in the United States, which will be held in July and Odesur Games, in Paraguay, in October.

Despite participation in Olympic competitions and the fact that speed skating on inline skates is a great thing recognized sport for him International Olympic Committee, this sports practice is not part of the the Olympics.

Arias aims to win a gold medal in the World Cup, considered the most important competition in speed skating And where he has already won medals in the 2021 edition.

She describes herself as athletic and ambitious. “In a good way, I don’t give up until I get what I want, despite adversity,” he says. She is also considered stubborn, with a good heart and a strong mind.

“I am very clear that medals or results do not make me more or less than anyone else,” he stressed.

Arias coach Orlando Corténez confirmed that a Athlete powerful and that is why they excel in Group speed tests, such as 500 m. In addition, her mental strength stands out: “Other competitors are not afraid of her.”

Maria Loreto displays one of the medals she won at the Junior Pan American Games in Cali. Photo: Ecuadorean Olympic Committee

The coach asserts that he lacks the “touch of competition” to achieve athletic maturity and that he will achieve it with more tests.

At twenty, she thinks it’s still hard for her dream to win a medal gold medal in a GlobalismBecause he still has to go through a process that could take two years.

Courtens asserts that Loreto “always has a smile on her face that shows her kindness,” but during the competition she transforms into a persistent skater and fighter in search of victory.

the exercise Depends on the event you’re participating in, but routine with Cycling s Pisa, without stopping to work on the skates. At this time in December, his training focuses more on technique and going for a walk in the mountains to change the environment.

Loreto started skating at the age of five, in a store. Near the work of her mother, Nelly Armigos, there was a place where they skate, so she taped it so that “I don’t get bored of waiting,” she said.

Before he ventured into ice skating, he was training Gymnastics However, he didn’t like it, “Since I got on the sled, I fell in love with that feeling, with the adrenaline you feel, and I stayed,” he admitted.

Marisol Castro, Director Ecuadorean Ski Federation, confirms that Maria Loreto Arias is “the best skater in the country today”, for performance in a Competencies that marked this year.

The leader has known the athlete since she was 14 years old and assures that due to her natural conditions in speed skating, she can go far.

Arias, in 2021, won two bronze medals in Globalism, in Colombia and in for Pan American Carpentry De Cali won four silvers.

Personal Biography

Maria Loreto Arias Armegos was born in Loja on May 25, 2001. She is 20 years old.

a path. She was a National Champion (2018). He took a silver medal at the 2019 South American Ski Championships, and also took two bronze medals at the World Ski Championships (held in 2019 and 2021); He also won four silver medals at the Bolivarian Cali Junior Games (Colombia 2021).

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