Who will win the NBA Championship?


The NBA finale is getting agonisingly close with the drama and tension rising by the day. As teams drop out, others begin to look like serious contenders.

Who though will lift the title? Here we look at who will win the NBA Championship.

Phoenix Suns

Look, when we talk about who will win the NBA Championship the Suns are impossible to ignore. They’ve just absolutely breezed past the Denver Nuggets 4-0 and now await one of either the LA Clippers or Utah Jazz. They might say they don’t care who they face but a match up with the Jazz would be preferable; the Suns beat them three times in the regular season and are on a four game winning streak against them.

Regardless of how the draw unfolds, if the Suns are to go deeper into the post season then one man will be key – Chris Paul. Paul was traded to Phoenix back in late 2020 and has proved a terrific addition. The Suns aren’t a one man side but Paul has definitely helped the likes of Devin Booker improve their game.

Utah Jazz

Well, we’ve just touched on Utah Jazz very briefly and the reason they’re the next team in our look at who will win the NBA Championship is because we expect them to overcome the Clippers in the end – even if they’re currently 3-2 down. As detailed, that will pit them against the Suns. Winning that series will be tough because the Suns do have the beating of them. That said, in Rudy Gobert, not only have they got one of the best defensive players in the NBA but also a man in form with a startling 12.8 rebounds per game in the post season. It’s not all about the defense though and Donovan Mitchell is sinking points with ease at the other end. He’s averaging 32.9 points per game and is scoring from everywhere with plenty of three pointers landing in. They’ll both need to be on point during any series with the Suns

Philadelphia 76ers

Next up we look at the 76ers. They might currently be trailing the Atlanta Hawks 3-2 but we fully expect them to go marching on to the next stage of the playoffs; given they’re behind, such confidence in them making the next stage might raise an eyebrow or two but, if you’ve paid closer attention, you’d see that the 76ers have dominated in their two wins and narrowly lost out in their defeats.

Of course, they need to address some of the mistakes they’ve been making – like not closing things out – for sure but in the end, their superior quality will shine through. Joel Embiid has been good form posting post season game averages of 27.4 points and 9.9 rebounds whilst he’s been ably supported by Ben Simmons. Even if they do make it through though, the next stage will be a colossal challenge.

Brooklyn Nets

We’ve just said that if the 76ers make it through to the next round we expect them to face a battle. What we really mean is we expect them to be eliminated. The Nets are leading the Bucks 3-2 and whatever team progresses should be too strong for the winners of the other tie. For what it’s worth, our tip is that the Nets eliminate Giannis Antetokounmpo and co; they certainly look good value to do so at the moment. The Nets have a wealth of talent on their roster with Kyrie Irving and James Harden supporting the man of the moment, Kevin Durant.

Durant sank a crazy 49 point triple-double to win game five of the series, which stole headlines, but the trio are all in form. The lowest points per game average in the post season belongs to Harden with 20.6 whilst Durant finds himself in the leagues top three for points, blocks and steals.

So, who will win the NBA Championship?

Based on our analysis, we think we’ve got a semi-final stage of Jazz vs Suns and 76ers vs Nets with the latter listed side in each tie progressing to the Championship game.

That would become Suns vs Nets finale with our prediction being the Nets win it. Check out who is the current favorite among the bookies with TwinSpires real-time NBA odds and betting lines.

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