Who won the World Cheese Awards? Mexico wins medals


Oviedo, Asturias. In this 33rd edition of World Cheese AwardsMexico came home with 12 medals, and there were three gold, three silver and six bronze, as a result of bringing 28 samples from six cheese factories to the competition. lactography, they were able to export it successfully.

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Without a doubt, an exciting event where 4,078 cheeses from all over the world were tasted by 240 international judges, 16 of whom were from Latin America, specifically from Ecuador, Uruguay, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil.

The best cheese in the world

It is made of goat’s milk from the vein of Malaga with a very fine and thin black line in the middle of the piece which slightly alters the texture of the text as it is ash from the olive bones of the province jianDairy made in Anadalucía called Cheese and kissesCheese Professionals Silvia Pelayes And Paco Romero.

Photo: Jessica Fernandez

To get there, first pick from 88 cheese 16 judges even choose 16 in the grand final and then give an opinion, that Cheese and kisses They got the big medal thanks to a total of 103 points.

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for this part, Lacteo . network, a Latin American initiative to promote handmade cheese, awarded the Best Cheese of Latin americawon by the cheese factory enchanted sierra with cheese capri. from the herdo The Mexican Cheese Factory was the most awarded in this edition, with four silver, three bronze and one gold medals, and this award, for Sierra Encantada, was the first time they had participated.

Regina Olvera, cheese maker in Sierra Encantada.

Gabriela Flores Silva, Biology and Cheese Instructor

  • Super Gold Rating
  • Cheese and Kisses (Spain). 103 points.
  • Fromagerie Berthaut (France). 98 points.
  • Van der Heyden Kas (Netherlands). 97 Punto.
  • Csíz Sajtmühely Kft (Hungary). 96 points.
  • Zijerveld Food (Netherlands). 95 points.
  • Cheese and Kisses (Spain). 94 points.
  • Trethowan´s Dairy Ltd (United Kingdom). 93 points.
  • Moaz cheese (Netherlands). 92 points.
  • Prosati Dairy – Artesan Dairy (Italy).
  • 91 points. Dorfsennerei Schlins (Austria). 91 points.
  • Almnäs Bruk AB (Sweden). 89 points.
  • Parmigiano Reggiano Rosola di Zuca National Agricultural Cooperative Society (Italy) 88 Pontus.
  • Prolactin France (France) 86 Punto
  • Trethowan´s Dairy Ltd (UK) and Firesland Campina (Netherlands) 83 points.
  • Atelier du Formage (Japan) 82 points.

For Mexico, it is an important moment, because it is the first time that the national cheese factories have received so many medals.

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Jessica Fernandez and Georgina Liscas from Lactography.

*Jessica He is the cheese merchant in lactography With Georgina and Carlos Liscas. she is founder Mexican MungerIt is a space where they offer advice, tastings and training on projects related to cheese.

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