Why did Tyler and Angela Break Up?


The world of reality television often brings together people in unique and unexpected ways. Among the relationships that have blossomed from these shows, one of the most notable was between Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans of Big Brother 20.

Their connection sparked interest from viewers across the globe and grew into something much more than just a televised romance. However, their relationship took a turn, leading them to break up in December 2022.

This article delves into who Tyler is, why Tyler and Angela broke up, their relationship status, their individual plans for moving on, and offers a conclusion reflecting on their journey.

Who is Tyler?

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Tyler Crispen made a name for himself as a contestant on Big Brother 20. Born on February 18, 1995, Tyler’s outgoing personality, strategic gameplay, and physical prowess made him a standout participant on the show.

He was not only known for his competitive spirit but also his empathetic nature, which resonated with both his fellow contestants and viewers.

Tyler’s connection with Angela was one of the defining aspects of his time on the show, and his post-show life has been marked by entrepreneurial endeavors and continued engagement with his fan base.

Why did Tyler and Angela Break Up?

Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans were one of the most adored couples to emerge from Big Brother. They went from being friends to lovers and eventually got engaged.

However, their relationship was not without challenges. After more than a year of struggling with undisclosed personal problems, they decided to break up.

They attempted to salvage their relationship by attending couples therapy but found that their issues were too deep to resolve. Despite their best efforts, heartfelt conversations, and reflection, they concluded that breaking up was the most appropriate course of action.

The specific details of their problems remain private, but it’s evident that their decision was the result of serious and complex underlying issues.

Tyler and Angela Relationship Status

The relationship between Tyler and Angela was undoubtedly one of the most captivating aspects of Big Brother 20. Their connection began as a friendship and evolved into a deep, loving relationship, which they managed to keep secret from other houseguests initially.

Throughout the season, their love story became central to the narrative, leading to an engagement in 2021. Unfortunately, despite their connection and commitment, their relationship came to an end in December 2022.

They have both spoken positively about their time together, emphasizing the importance of their shared experiences and expressing affection for one another.

Though they are no longer together, their relationship’s legacy as one of the most successful showmances in Big Brother history remains intact.

Tyler and Angela are Moving On

Both Tyler and Angela are taking steps to move on after their breakup. While Angela took part in The Challenge: USA and later went to Bali for a personal break, Tyler remained in Hilton Head, South Carolina, where they shared a house.

Despite their separation, they continue to be tied through joint business endeavors like a cookbook and a jewelry business. Their shared ownership of their house and mutual respect for each other have kept them in contact.

Their breakup, though painful, was mutual, and they seem to be supporting each other as they transition into this new phase of their lives. The possibility of reconnection in the future is open, though both seem focused on their individual growth and goals for now.


Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans’ relationship was a story of love, partnership, and resilience that captured the hearts of many. From their unique beginning on Big Brother to their engagement and subsequent breakup, their journey has been marked by highs and lows.

Despite the end of their romantic relationship, they continue to share mutual respect and admiration, embracing new paths while cherishing their shared past.

Their story serves as both a beautiful and heartbreaking testament to the complex nature of relationships, particularly those forged in the high-pressure environment of reality television.

Their grace in handling their breakup, their focus on personal growth, and their continued collaboration in business projects highlight the multifaceted nature of human connection and the possibility of finding strength even in the face of heartache.

Their legacy will continue to inspire, inform, and resonate with those who have followed their journey, providing a window into the realities of love in the public eye.

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