Why is the United States banning entry to Xavi and Borja Mayoral?

Why is the United States banning entry to Xavi and Borja Mayoral?

Borja Mayoral and Xavi Hernandez

The Elite soccer players Sometimes it seems Live in another world, to get privileges that the rest of us don’t, but it’s not always the case. In the end, They are ordinary citizens Who have the same bureaucratic problems as the rest. In this caseAnd the Xavi Hernandez Borja Mayoral They have suffered in their bodies that they are not allowed to enter the country.

Real Madrid and Barcelona have Selected United States Like the country where start your etiology; Not only because of the number of fans they have there, but also because cities and clubs are paying huge sums of money to get two of the best teams in the world on their turf.

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The bureaucracy from the United States Complex and undesirable. Xavi Hernandez and Borja Mayoral They had to remain on the ground after not having their respective permits to be able to travel to North America. In the case of the Barcelona coach, the United States does not allow entry to people who have It was more than three times in Iran (enemy country) unless they can hold a special permit. Well, the Barcelona coach couldn’t have that safe behavior right now, and unless he had it, he wouldn’t be able to enter US territory.

In case Borja Mayoral It is quite different, but it also refers to the bureaucracy to be able to travel. Although many countries have relaxed their coronavirus measures, this is not the case in the United States. a Problem with the vaccination schedule From the Spanish striker forced him to stay in Madrid. With this, the striker loses the opportunity to convince Ancelotti to be Substitute striker for Karim Benzema.

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When will Xavi be able to travel?

Although it takes longer than initially thought, It’s a matter of days That Xavi Hernández can solve his visa issues. From the club they believe he will be in charge of the team for the second game for North American territory. In addition, Barcelona has purchased tickets for an entire week to Miami so that she can fly as soon as she receives them for safe conduct.

When will Borja Mayoral be able to travel?

Like Xavi, Borja Mayoral is expected to do it Join the rest of the campaign Real Madrid in the coming days. The attacker received his second coronavirus vaccine a few days ago, and has been waiting a few more days for it to be effective on his vaccination schedule.

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