WIM Gaby Vargas in the United States – Sports Center


International Chess Master (WIM) Gabriela Vargas is already in the northern country where, after vaccination, she will embark on a series of face-to-face tournaments that will serve as preparation for the World Cup in Sochi that will take place between July and August in Russia. This will be the first time that Paraguay will participate in an individual world championship.

On the same date, but in males, there will also be Paraguayan GM Neuris Delgado, Axel Bachmann and IM Guillermo Vázquez.

The aforementioned representative of Sports Science in our country finally got the support of the following brands and companies Holiday Inn Asunción, Hydrate, Kyrios, Personal, Coca Cola, LANPY, Qantris and Electroban which were very grateful according to the contact before a short trip.

The chess player plans to participate in three preparatory competitions, the first from 26 to 30 to 9 rounds, 28 and 29 (5 rounds) and the last from July 1 to 5 (9 rounds) all in Philadelphia in the United States.

Helen Montell, at the World Cup

Young Helen Montiel has received FIDE confirmation and will be the only Paraguay to play the final of the World Women’s Festival, a singles event that will take place on Saturday on the tornelo podium. He will play with his peers (Class C) from other continents

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