With a little bit of backing, he popped up all over the world – El Sol de Hidalgo

With a little bit of backing, he popped up all over the world – El Sol de Hidalgo

Despite the fact that he achieved significant results at the international level in the Central American, American cross-country and track events, the sprinter Jonathan del Razo Garcia did not receive the necessary recognition by the municipal and state sports authorities, since there was little or no support for him; So she had to find a way to pay for her own skills.

Del Razo Garcia, 24, started training in 2022 with Rodolfo Gomez in Mexico City, achieving good results, but due to economic conditions, he returned to Tlancingo and joined the group led by coach Fabian Zuriel Soto.

In this year ending, he placed 16th in the national championships held in Michoacan, where nearly 40 high-level athletes participated.

He also had road and track competitions where he improved his personal bests in both the five and 10 kilometres.

His last significant competition was the National Cross Country, earlier this month in Torreon, which was selective for the World Championships in Australia; However, due to personal situations, he did not arrive with sufficient preparation and reached the finish line in 15th place.

He’s been training for 11 years and majored in cross country, though he chose track and road for the prize money, paying for it with other higher-level competitions.

In these eleven years he has already had the opportunity to compete in the World Youth Championships in Uganda, Africa, where he finished 61st out of 140 athletes, in 2017; That same year he finished fifth in the Youth Pan American and second in the teams, which gave him qualification for the World Cup.

In the freestyle category, he also finished third by the teams in the Pan American cross country race in El Salvador, also taking silver in the 5000 metres, as well as gold at the National Olympics in Monterrey in 2017, and silver in 2018 in Querétaro.

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“There is very little support from the municipality and the Hidalgo Sports Institute (internal), many runners go through the same thing. I go with my money, I look for part-time jobs; at the moment I work as a delivery person for the same reason that there are no events that can be resolved by the municipality And I have to find a way or seek support with friends, family and promoters,” he said.

“Some people support me with tennis and money, but it affects me because I have to do other things instead of training, to represent the municipality of Tulancingo and the state of Hidalgo with dignity,” he said.

He added that in the case of the last race in Torreon, for example, through Fernando Pérez Serrano had the support of Inhide; However, he has not yet been able to have a personal conversation with the institute’s director, José “Pepino” Cuevas, to explain his situation to him.

“I came close to asking for a scholarship, but since I’m not at the Conade Games right now, I got turned down. This year 2023 makes me sad because I won’t be competing on track, because I wasn’t sure they could give me a scholarship if I got to a National Championship, because the American Championships Central, American Championships and World Track Championships are coming., And I see it because of my financial condition, which is not the best.”

In this way, he announced that he would probably not compete on the track next year, and would devote himself to street racing for the economic prize and the ability to cover expenses; Hoping that Inhide would give him a scholarship and guarantee support for those international competitions, and with that, he trained more calmly.

“The goal is to be well off financially, to pay for school, training and sportswear. On the track, there are almost no events that award cash prizes and they are usually farther and the expenses are higher,” he concluded.

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