Tyler Adams confirms that the United States will play in the Copa America and the Mexican national team?

Tyler Adams confirms that the United States will play in the Copa America and the Mexican national team?

Footballer Taylor Adams ahead of the NFL and revealed that the United States National Team would compete in the America’s Cup.

Taylor Adams, the ship’s captain USA team, He revealed the presence of CONCACAF in the Copa America organized by CONMEBOL.

Adams, who is the captain of the United States national team, was interviewed by NBC Sports before the commitment between Leeds United and Manchester City, and said it was where he announced the news.

“For the World Cup (2026) we will have important tournaments such as the Nations League, We will be able to play Copa America, This is a huge thing for us and if you can keep your players healthy, you will gain experience and we also hope that younger players will come through,” commented the footballer.

It is very important to use the upcoming tournaments And matches to continue to work on team chemistry. One of the things we’ve talked about for this World Cup is that it took a long time to get our best players together because of injuries and we couldn’t double those opportunities together.”

Taylor Adams’ statements raise eyebrows in Copa America

American Taylor Adams was expected to participate United States national team in the America’s Cup.

Although it can include Mexican national team And from Canada because these three countries will not participate in the World Cup because they are the venue for the next World Cup.

Added to the Taylor Adams rumor is that the 2024 America’s Cup will be held in the United States, because Ecuador will refuse to organize it.

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The last time CONCACAF national teams competed in the CONMEBOL Championship was in The Central American Cup organized in 2016.

In the absence of becoming formalized by both federations, because at the moment in both organizations many selections are under restructuring.

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