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Across Social media A woman reported her stalker; Take a picture of her at the gym that they both have attended.

We recommend the following: “I prove a complaint to me and I marry my partner,” said the IPN teacher accused of harassment

A sample of harassment was recorded that Julia, a TikTok influencer, was a victim of her in one of her routines sideways to a mirror.

Behind her, the individual took the opportunity to take out his phone and take some pictures of it as well as give it an obscene look.

However, when the influencer realized what had happened, she interacted and spoke to this man, claiming what he had done. In her defense, the subject asserted that she was wrong and that it was definitely confusion.

“He denied taking a picture and made me crazy by reporting it. I was filming a training session,” the influencer explained.

Due to Julia’s accusations, the gym crew asked the subject to leave the gym, an action which he performed with a clear display of anger on his face.

On social media, thousands of users celebrated the complaint and agreed with the influencer, claiming that it is for this reason that many women request exclusive gyms for them.

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