World Cup 2022: Jose Pablo Segura, son of the head of security for the Mexican national team and who stars as a runner in college football

Mwhile the The Mexican soccer team has revealed its final roster for him World Cup in Qatar And he plays the last preparatory match against him Sweden Before the FIFA World Cup, in the United States, in “Football”, Jose Pablo Segura marks a milestone in college football, with the game 303 rushing yards and exceeded 1,000 yards seasonally.

exclusively for Sure Sports, We spoke with the moderator, who is Son of Juan Jose Segura, head of security for the Mexican soccer team Which plays at Orange Coast College located in Costa Mesa, California, at the JUCO level, made famous by the Netflix documentary, last chance sh

“Since the start of the season I’ve been thinking about the 1,000 yards. I knew it was a very complicated thing, it’s averaging 100 yards per game because we had 10 games in the season, and in the first game I had three carries for 13 yards. There was such a thing as “in the tower”, only with this he made me very complicated, But as the coaches told me, “game by game and it will get better”. I came into this game with 711 yards and the coach told me, “We’re going to give you the whole game.” They gave me 40 carts, It was 303 yards, 5 touchdowns.”Declared runner from ca.

Segura’s goal is to strive to move up in the College Football League. Last week I broke the record for most yards in an OCC history. Ah, things are going, we are looking for that scholarship.”

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