World premiere of a documentary about Omara Portuondo at the New York Film Festival


documentary Building , It is directed by Cuban-born director Hugo Perez, and will premiere in New York During the twelfth edition of Festival de Cine DOC NYC.

On November 13, this audiovisual film will see the light covering the life and work of Omara Portuondo’s photo, according to a press release from Tropical Cinema, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Latinos in the United States.

The premiere coincides with the 25th anniversary of the iconic album’s recording. Buena Vista Social Club.

The film was produced by Dana Kuznetzkopf and Frida Torresblanco, and provides unprecedented access to Legendary Cuban artistOn the big screen, he tells the story of his successful career that spanned more than seven decades.

As a platform to tell the story, its director has followed the singer through stages around the world: Mexico City, Tokyo, New York, and Havana. He also interviewed world-famous musicians who shared songs and concerts with Amara, such as Diego SegalaRoberto Fonseca and Arturo O’Farrell.

The documentary explores the circumstances of his birth into a biracial family, with an aristocratic Spanish mother and a father who was a baseball player (Bartolo Portondo). It also details unknown parts of her career, up until the moment she became a dancer in the famous cabaret at the age of seventeen. Tropicana.

In 1950 Omara Portondo joined the Anacona Orchestra and in 1952 she formed with her sister Heidi, Elena Burke and Moraima Secada, the D’Aida quartet, directed by Aida Destro. For 15 years they toured America and had the opportunity to share the stage with Edith Piaf and Pedro Vargas, Rita MontanerAnd snowballAnd Benny Moreh And also with the famous American singer Nat King Cole, when he sang in the Tropicana.

The feeling girlfriend in 2019 was awarded an award Latin Grammys for the track For his contributions to Latin American and world music. She has been a tireless advocate for African roots within the island’s culture.

At the age of ninety, she was again nominated for an award Grammy In the category for Best Tropical Song for “Bolero a la vida” with Gabi Moreno.

At the New York Festival, which is entirely dedicated to documentary production, director Hugo Perez will also present the film with Catherine Czubek. Once upon a time in Uganda Which tells the story of a brick maker who tried his luck in directing action movies and became a celebrity in the African country.

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