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The FIFA Liga MX will be paused, however, football around the world will not stop.

During this week and beyond, The ball will roll around the planet to continue the World Cup qualifiers, and UEFA Nations league And some friendly matches that promise to be a great show.

Raul Jimenez is looking forward to meeting the Azteca

For all this, here we present a “list” of the best matches that will be played every day in this FIFA history.

Thursday 7 October

Mexico will face Canada at the Azteca Stadium at 8:40 pm.The United States will face Jamaica, Honduras, Costa Rica and El Salvador with Panama. As for the action in South America, Uruguay will clash with Colombia, Venezuela against Brazil, Paraguay against Argentina, Ecuador against Bolivia and Peru will welcome Chile in an exciting day from CONMEBOL. In terms of football in Europe, the UEFA Nations League will return to action when the other semi-final match takes place, which will be played by Belgium and France at 1:45 pm.

Wednesday October 6


To start in an unbeatable fashion, on Wednesday the first semi-final of the UEFA Nations League will take place, when Italy host Spain at the San Siro at 1:45pm.

Friday October 8

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And in more qualifying activity for Qatar 2022, Latvia will stick to this day strictly when they host the Netherlands, while Turkey will face Norway and Cyprus against Croatia and Germany against Romania.

Saturday October 9


Already this weekend, African football will star in interesting duels, with Ethiopia hosting South Africa while Ghana will face Zimbabwe and then Senegal will clash with Namibia.

On the same day, we will also witness duels such as Georgia, Greece, Moldova against Denmark and Andorra against England.

Sunday October 10

imago 7

After facing Canada, Mexico will play their second match in this FIFA history When your Honduran counterpart is measured at 6:00 p.m..

In more CONCACAF activities, Costa Rica will host El Salvador, Jamaica will meet with Canada, and Panama will clash with the United States.

For its part, CONMEBOL will present the following matches: Bolivia vs. Peru, Venezuela vs. Ecuador, Colombia vs. Brazil, Argentina vs. Uruguay, and Chile vs. Paraguay. On the other side of the world, in Africa, Nigeria will visit the Central African Republic.

And if that wasn’t enough, This day will also be held the grand final of UEFA Nations league.

Monday October 11


At the beginning of next week, the activity of the FIFA date will continue in different latitudes, because while Mozambique will receive Cameroon and Ivory Coast to Malawi and Libya to Egypt, and in Europe the Netherlands will clash with Gibraltar, Norway, Montenegro and Croatia against. Slovakia and North Macedonia against Germany round out the main roster for the day.

Tuesday 12 October

On this date, some Asian football matches stand out, Just as Japan will receive the Australian national team as part of the World Cup qualifiers, Iran will do the same against South Korea. The Sweden-Greece-Denmark-Austria-England-Hungary match is one of the most important matches of the day in the knockout, but we will also witness a friendly match between Ireland and Qatar.

Wednesday October 13

imago 7

To crown her participation in this FIFA date, Mexico will visit El Salvador in a match that will be played at 9:05pm at Cuscatlán Stadium. In more CONCACAF activities, the United States will receive Costa Rica, Canada to Panama and Honduras to Jamaica.

Thursday 14 October


To conclude with a boom, the CONMEBOL qualifiers will present the following duels: Bolivia vs. Paraguay, Colombia vs. Ecuador, Argentina vs. Peru, Chile vs. Venezuela, and Brazil vs. Uruguay.

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