Xbox responds to criticism of Game Pass and sparks controversy

Xbox responds to criticism of Game Pass and sparks controversy

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After announcing the delay starfield, a Bethesda title that was shaping up to be the 2022 Xbox Game Studios premiere plagued by changes in plans, the environment became hostile to the Microsoft brand. The question about the lack of great AAA titles that would be available on the first day on the service has become a constant, escalating and coming to the fore, even though the brand seems to be fed up.

Xbox Game Pass account on Twitter responds to criticism about the service

Let’s go through parts, in recent days, social network users have posted that they have canceled their Xbox Game Pass subscription due to the lack of related video games and the absence of the big productions promised for this year. Being a controversial topic, it didn’t take long for it to go viral on social networks, explaining the reasons, some appealing to what has already been mentioned, others that there is nothing to interest them and some noting that they are disappointed in the brand that there are no great games for this anal.

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As expected, this led to different interpretations and an article by Kotaku He quoted the situation described, and even shared the sentiments of some well-known members of the video game and tech press, who also announced that they had canceled their subscription. Immediately after that, the official Xbox Game Pass account responded to the site’s post with sarcasm: “Tell me you only play AAA titles without telling me you only play AAA titles,” bearing in mind that those who criticized the service only think about mass production and not the rest of the games available.

The community is discussing the pros and cons of Xbox Game Pass now

This answer ignited the spirits and many Twitter users could not stop debating about it. Some support the Xbox Game Pass offer of AAA, exclusive, AA titles, and premium games from the indie scene. Others expressed frustration with the long tempo between releases, saying they signed up early to the current generation Xbox Series X | S believing that they would have access to major Xbox Game Studios titles, but they didn’t come up with attractive numbers for them. With them.

What do you think that? Is it worth to be a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass now?

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