You can now kick those who use your Netflix account

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Have you shared your Netflix account with someone you no longer want to access? Well, now there is a new way to fix it: Netflix It just released an option to manage which devices have access to your account, removing them directly from the owner’s account settings menu. Thus, like the Thanos snap tool, you can withdraw access to your Netflix account from anyone you no longer wish to use.

In fact, the tool allows you to do a little more than that. The new Manage access and devices option lets you see which devices are connected to your account, yes, but also which profiles have viewed content from those devices, and where they viewed it from. The new feature is already rolling out to Netflix users on both desktop (web version), Android, and iOS.

To remove access to that device from your account, you simply have to press the “Sign Out” button on the device you want to remove access to, and that’s it, goodbye to the marathon of the last season of the crown.

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Of course, once you decide to remove a device from your account, Netflix suggests changing your password, and you’ll get an email notification every time a new device signs in with your Netflix credentials.

Claramente esto es un paso más en el plan de Netflix de, poco a poco, ir incitando a los usuarios a que dejen de compartir su cuenta, y dándoles acceso a formas para dejar de hacerlo cuando ya no quieren compartir más la cuenta con alguien. Además, también It is It is possible to change your profile From a joint account to your own, if you want, so you don’t necessarily have to lose that valuable copy, series and movie history accumulated in My List. Before you kick someone out of your account, if it’s possible, why not ask them if they want to leave and take their profile with them? I say…[via[via[عبر[víaTechcrunch]

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