You can now try the demo made by Resident Evil Code Veronica fans


Epic lovers vampire Curious to try unofficial edition from Resident Evil Veronica Code Made by a group of French fans You can now download a trial version through the download links provided by their authors. This is how they shared it across their channels, and made it available to all players Computer Who want to take a look at this new vision of classic from flower dream (And later available on other platforms like PS2 a cube game) with current technology.

Try the unofficial version of Code Veronica now

Thus, follow the method of the last two Remake Capcom both with Resident Evil 2 s Resident Evil 3makers of this interpretation Resident Evil Veronica Code They have chosen a similar stage, with The camera is almost shoulder Behind the main character, thus eliminating the original design of fixed cameras.

This first demo is presented by Three different downloads Depending on the language, with texts in a language Spanish With a total size of 3.52 GB, the last one has texts located in English 3.3 GB and the latest in وآخر Portuguese 3.48 GB.

Let’s remember that Resident Evil Code Veronica is the best of the year 2000 It first appeared in flower dream; It is currently available in its classic version in . format PS4 As is the case in Xbox One through its digital platforms. It is one of the best-rated installments by both fans and professional critics, currently with an average of 94 out of 100 in Metacritic. The game puts us in the place of Claire Redfield in her search for Chris Redfield, her brother, following the events of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, a few months later.

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