“You” fan asks Ben Badgley to kidnap her


It is clear that violent series She is the order of the day and that their success is unstoppable and undeniable. In the first 28 days of its release, Neftlix says that squid game It reached 111 million viewers, using the scale where Netflix Any user who has watched at least two minutes of said series, movie or documentary is considered a content viewer. It’s a kind of voodoo metric that allows us to compare it to other Netflix productions, wrote Paul Tassi, a major contributor to the North American digital edition of Forbes on October 13.

However, this success was overshadowed by the premiere of the movie The third season of “YOU”, And at least in the United States, squid has advanced and removed it to second place. And look, we won’t tell you much about this new batch of episodes where Ben Badgley brings psychopathic Joe Goldberg back to lifeBut we’ll just tell you he’s still as gory and ‘crazy’ as ever.

Such a stir caused the series in America that social networks had already echoed this success and A girl has taken the risk of asking Penn Badgle via Twitter to kidnap her. What this girl wasn’t expecting was for Ben to answer her by stepping into the role of Joe. “Hey, you kidnapped me.”. Tweet that the American actor did not hesitate to respond with a humorous tone. “I don’t know why, but when ‘kidnapped me’ is preceded by ‘hello,’ it sounds completely different and I’m not mad”He pointed out that he suddenly turned into Joe Goldberg and quickly spread out.

A tweet showing how well Penn Badgley handles all the media hype around his character. “I’d love to see the series go well, but I have my own life on the sidelines. “I’ll always be grateful to fans, but I try not to lose my mind,” he recently said during an interview for the season three premiere.

And yes, there will be a fourth season. fact, If you haven’t seen the third yet, like us, we’ll tell you that its plot is the most interesting. Oddly enough, things are getting more and more complicated, and the latest development of the season has become something truly amazing that no one would have expected. So from here we encourage you to watch it, although we don’t want you to send weird tweets to Joe Goldberg, sorry, Ben Badgley,

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