Your Facebook account can be stolen

Your Facebook account can be stolen

Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools isn’t who it claims to be, so be careful with those apps that once opened ask you to connect to your social networks or other services.

It seems that The Malware refresh a little Recently, certainly with the jerky situation being globally tested as an explanation and with the Internet as a very important point of attack and/or disinformation, which has led us to see malicious applications such as Escobar And the Red lineable to Bypass two-step verification And even hiding in YouTube videos.

Today we have another one of these Dangerous apps that appear regularly on Google Playwhich is that the owners prairie They discovered that a completely harmless app like Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools, Really Hide Inside a File Spying programs His name is Facestealer Who can rob us? Facebook credentials In a simple and semi-transparent way for us.

Beware of using your Facebook credentials in third party apps, they may not be safe!

We are not talking about a simple problem, because the fact is that Kraftsart Cartoon Tools currently has Over 100,000 downloads on Google Playand a simple trick in its interface that involves using social engineering techniques to get our Facebook credentials, Then establish contacts with a Russian server To send the obtained data.

So that you can get to know him correctly, App data on Google Play the following:

  • Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools

According to the discoverers themselves, the good part is that Google has already been notified of the issuebut the bad news is that among those 100,000 users, a large percentage were Hacked Without realizing it, others will stay in this It may take hours or days to remove Mountain View Store application. It’s clearly still available at this time…

This is BRATA, the scary malware that can clean your mobile phone and your existing account

This is how it works facestellerThis is how cybercriminals collect your data

The fact is that Kraftsart Anime Tools can initially pass through any of them Another harmless photo retouching app which you can later Share your photos quickly on social networksIn fact, it will be easy for you to be deceived by the way the application works.

And once installed, when you start Craftsart Cartoon Tools We open the Facebook login page is notbut this effectively simulates the window sign in From the popular social network Menlo Park. This home page where A code has been entered that goes unnoticed by Google Play Protection and other app stores, this code is responsible for collecting our credentials.

Beware Craftsart Cartoon, they steal your Facebook data

Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools looks like a completely harmless app on Google Play.

Once achieved, The Malware Connects to Russian servers and sends dataand get full access to users’ Facebook accounts HackedAnd the Including personal detailsand physical addresses, conversations, searches, photos, and even credit cards and other information contained in the social network.

as you will see It is very easy to get deceivedBecause Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools doesn’t work if we don’t enter Facebook credentials, sure page sign in Exactly similar error Which any ordinary user who is not trained in security techniques would expect. the pirate.

Beware Craftsart Cartoon, they steal your Facebook data

Screenshots of how Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools works, and easily get your Facebook credentials.

According to Radio experts This remote domain registered in Russia in the last 7 years has been used intermittentlyand it has been connected to many mobile apps, all of them are malicious and that They ended up removing it from Google Play and other stores.

Cybercriminals end up using victims’ data to Committing financial fraud If they have credit cards or other data on Facebook, or on Send links from phishing or spread fake news way much faster.

for this reason, Be careful with apps to which you give your credentials from other servicesAnd, above all, pay attention to the fact that pages sign in Be in charge. The differences are not easy to see but they are always there, and so are these groups of cybercriminals They tend to repack apps quickly Delete once to continue its activities.

And urgently, if you have installed Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools, you must Remove it as soon as possible from your smartphones And change your Facebook password as soon as possible… Run you fools!

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