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Roxy She is one of the most beloved characters by a fan Pokemon Sword and Shield. He is without a doubt one of the best characters in this Nintendo Switch game.

However, as of today, you might not be able to tell some of the more surprising facts about this coach. Here are the people who have stood out from ScreenRant:

  • The reason you want to be a hero In order to reclaim his hometown, the city of Crambon.
  • Your place of origin, The city of Crampon: With a population of 29, most are recruits for Team Yell, it has neither a gym nor Dynamax Energy.
  • in it Japanese comics He only appeared in the small web series Wings of Twilight, when Lionel sent him the invitation to participate in the league. It has not yet appeared in Pokémon Travel.

  • in it Official manga He appears in front of the Gallar Mine where a large boulder does not allow him to pass, so he joins Paul and Gloria to advance. Then he appeared in some scenes with other main characters.

  • It has its own message JCC Pokemon, Which allows both players to switch hands and place them below their decks. The user then draws five new cards, while the opponent draws only four cards. There are two versions, one of them is full art.

  • it’s a Pokemon Team It is found in Nightfall Balls and focuses on the Sinister genre. Morpeko is most popular at first, but her most powerful Pokemon is Grimmsnarl with Soul Shock.
  • it’s a Personal She is unique, which is why she appears to have captured fans: she is remote and intricate, does not use the Gym Leader title, does not follow directions, and her uniform number 960, which reads in Japanese like a word game that can be translated as “difficulty” or “black.” .
  • it’s a face features He barely changes throughout the entire adventure, making him a somewhat expressionless character.
  • Morbiko It’s her first Pokemon and she seems to have a special bond because she always has it outside of Poké Ball just like Ash, which makes sense considering it’s a Pokemon her brother Nerio gave her to her when she was five.
  • In the game we can see Scene Where Roxy practices how to smile with Morbiko pushing the corners of her lips up with her index fingers, to become one of the most defining positions of the character.

What do you think? Do you know these details?


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