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Castlevania Resurrection demo content for E3 appears from this never-to-be 3D adventure.

Unfortunately, throughout the history of video games, many games have been announced, but for one reason or another, they had to be permanently canceled. They hurt the most when they are flashy stories, like Castlevania. If you love epic Konami You’ll know there was a file The Resurrection of Castlevania Under development for extinction Dream cast, But we couldn’t get it because it was canceled. right Now, Surprisingly more than 20 years later A partially playable demo shows where we can get a better idea of ​​what this adventure will bring.

The game was canceled more than 20 years ago and Konami never mentioned the reasonsIt is true that there is a lot of material on the project, in the form of pictures and drawings. But we haven’t been able to see it in motion: until now. The video that you can see on these lines belongs to a file The test prototype will be shown at E3. It’s just over 3 minutes of video, but enough to watch the SEGA console in action with Castlevania canceled.

The version we can finally see in action has five different stage scenarios as well Battle with the final boss. Since it is a version that will be taught in an event like the aforementioned event, it does not have interconnected areas, so to go from one place to another you have to do it from the pause menu.

If you’ve heard nothing of the resurrection of Castlevania, it was a third-person adventure that we’ll take control of Sonya Way Victor Belmont, Facing the Countess who wanted to resurrect Dracula. Its development was advanced and will be a 3D adventure, similar to what was later in the series Castlevania: Masters of ShadowIt was developed by the people of Madrid from Mercury vapor. However, it was canceled again in 2000, without mentioning the reasons.

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