2031 Ryder Cup bets on Catalonia

2031 Ryder Cup bets on Catalonia

The Costa Brava-Barcelona candidacy is one step closer to linking the organization of the 2031 Ryder Cup. The Catalan option is accelerating to host the most exciting competition in the world of golf, a competition that includes teams from Europe and the United States every two years. The venue would be PGA Catalunya, located in Caldes de Malavella (Girona), which was already aspiring to host the 2022 Ryder (later moved to 2023), the version that eventually went to Rome.

Under the impetus of PGA Catalunya owner, Irish millionaire Denis O’Brien, the Costa Brava-Barcelona candidacy has already garnered support from the Spanish and Catalan federations, the Spanish government and the Girona County Council and City Council. The central government gave political support to the event (later supposed to reach 96 million) while the Girona Provincial Council will contribute four million. For his part, O’Brien will invest $25 million in infrastructure and in building a new golf course that meets Ryder’s requirements. At present, negotiations, which began two years ago, are being conducted to obtain support from the Generalitat, the Barcelona City Council and the Provincial Council. Between the three departments they will have to contribute about $45 million to be paid out within ten years. Within Barcelona City Council, the first deputy mayor, Jaume Colponi, is in favor of the project.

Panoramic view of the 2021 Ryder Cup held in Wisconsin (USA)

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The Catalan Federation is part of Foment del Tribal, whose president, Josep Sanchez Leiber, has been the most active in recent contacts at the highest level. In this sense, Ryder Cup President, Jay Kennings, plans to have a meeting in two weeks’ time with the President of the Generalitat, Perry Aragon.

Sources from PGA Catalunya confirmed to the newspaper the existence of the talks and their firm desire to host Ryder in 2031 as she aspires to organize major events. In this sense, it must be remembered that from April 28 to May 1, the Catalunya Championship was held in Caldes, a championship on the European circuit that ended with the victory of Catalan Adri Arnos. The Spanish Federation is also confident that it will get the white smoke from the Ryder Cup.

Chief Ryder will meet Pere Aragonès in two weeks

It makes sense that the journey of organizing a rider is much larger. It is the mecca of golf in terms of passion, attendance and spectator movement.

It is estimated that around 270,000 fans from 90 countries attend the Ryder Cup, an event broadcast live on television in more than 180 countries (2,500 hours of broadcast). The 2031 edition will provide 150 additional jobs after the opening of the new golf course, which will be added to the existing 480 of PGA Catalunya. The economic return will be great.

The direct impact of the competition is about 570 million, another 590 of income from golf tourism in the region should be added in the following years because according to studies from previous editions, seven out of ten fans want to return to the rider’s home. Golf-related tourism usually has a high purchasing power.

Costa Brava-Barcelona’s candidacy for golf tournament acceleration with maximum impact

Negotiations to stage a competition of this scale come at a time when Catalonia is struggling to host major events after a long journey through the desert. It was recently confirmed that Barcelona will host the America’s Cup sailing in 2024 and also that the Tour de Spain will start in 2023 from the Catalan capital. Added to this is an attempt to form a joint candidacy with Aragon for the 2030 Winter Olympics.

In 2023, the Ryder Cup will be based in Rome, in 2025 in New York, in 2027 in Limerick (Ireland) and in 2029 in Minnesota.

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