21K Half Marathon: Confirm champions to compete


The streets of Perla Tapatia are coming back to life. The Guadalajara 21K Half Marathon returns this Sunday Elite athletes announce their readiness to travel the main city streets.

The marathon gala will feature not only great athletes from countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, Spain, Colombia and Uganda, but also the athletes who recently represented Mexico at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Kenyan Benson Kipruto will seek to repeat the victory he won in 2020 in the latest edition of Guadalajara Half MarathonBut he won’t face an easy test when he faces fellow countryman Rodgers Ondaty who came years ago to stand out in Birla Tabatia, conquering the 42-kilometer marathon in 2016).

Jose Luis Santana and Jesus Arturo Esparza of Jalisco competed in the recent Olympics and will now roam the main roads of Guadalajara.

Also attending the marathon will be Isabel Guadalupe Oropeza, of Jalisco, who has long been one of the champions in other competitions such as the 42K Marathon.

The starting shot will be on Sunday from 6:50 a.m. with a symbolic memorial like Arches as a starting point. Vallarta.

As sanitary measures, warm-up areas will be introduced with face masks, and before starting, they will deposit this protection in containers for you to leave in blocks of 500 runners. Once they reach the finish line, they will be given a new mask for the award ceremony.



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