The Dodgers Sign 2 New Possibility – SwingComplete

The Dodgers Sign 2 New Possibility – SwingComplete

By Jesus Allen Fernandez / @jesusLCA2017

On April 26, 2017, he made his debut in the major leagues. Gift NgoesAnd the He plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates. The name alone doesn’t say much, but if we add that he was the first player born on the African continent to reach MLB, it becomes something to remember.

The South African was there for two seasons (Pittsburgh and Toronto) and racked up 13 hits in 82 bats and 41 games.

Then came Taylor Scott, another South African player, who in 2019 made a bid for the Seattle Mariners. The door was definitely opened.

The US Los Angeles Dodgers have signed Ugandan baseball players Ben Serunkuma & Umar Male as the first Ugandan players born to play professionally for Major League Baseball (MLB) in the USA. 1/6

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The Uganda Sports Council recently announced the signing of two young players from that country (43rd in the world rankings) by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Ben Seronkoma and Omar Mali join the team and begin their career journey at the Dodgers’ compound in the Dominican Republic.

Signatures are reported, in both cases, for a value of $10,000 and student sponsorship of the same value. The two young talents will also be joined by coach Joshua Kizito Mwangozi, who will be part of the coaching team at the Dominican Complex.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have made some signings “a rarity of the season” if we also take into account the signing of Japanese bowler Kosuke Matsuda, who at 23 was recovering from Tommy John surgery after traversing the independent leagues on Japanese soil. If we look carefully at the video, the resemblance to Walker Buehler is impressive.

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Walker Buehler side with, Kosuke Matsuda, newest Dodgers, 3 clips First: Full speed – long arm movement, Matsuda ends up behind Second: Half speed, Hit before foot Three: Half speed, From footblow on A little clean and Matsuda will be Very similar to Buehler

While only minor league deals were heard, the Los Angeles team took the lead, at least in terms of creativity and eccentricity in the chosen backgrounds.

We will return to this topic.

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