3 people were killed in a shooting at an amusement park

3 people were killed in a shooting at an amusement park

Journey – Various law and order agencies responded Sunday night to reports of the shootings at Six Flags Great America located in Gurnee, Illinois.

A Six Flags Great America spokeswoman confirmed that three people were injured in a single car fire in the amusement park.

According to Six Flags, the vehicle in question immediately fled the scene, according to Telemundo.

“Park security personnel and Gurney Police officers from the park substation responded immediately,” the park said in a statement. Emergency services responded, and two people were taken to hospital for evaluation. A third person refused treatment.”

As a result, the park closed early, and Gurney Police escorted visitors and park staff to evacuate the building.

Illinois State Police confirmed that they received a call in support of the response to the Six Flags Park shooting and that officers were deployed to assist.

Photos and videos were shared on social networks of police activity in the amusement park.

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