Have you already tried it? This happens when you search for “dog” or “cat” on Google

In social networks, the very private post has become a trend in google search engineSince you write the words “dog” also “cat” Something Special Happens, in relation to these cute animals.

The above was discovered by various users of social networks, who realized that when they clicked on a part of the screen in the search engine, Paws and footprints Cats and dogs.

If you want to know how to apply this fun and cool functionality, keep reading, as we will explain all the details so you can filling up your computer or mobile phone with these illustrations.

Search for footprints on Google

In order to test this new functionality, you have to search for the words “dog” or “cat” in The Google, It doesn’t matter whether you do it from your cell phone or your computer, because this offer is available for both devices.

After searching for one of them, if you are using a computer, on your right side you should find a file button or circle purple, in case you wrote the word “dog”; also orange, For the “cat” case. In both cases there is a small black imprint.

If you’re using a cell phone, also look for the orange or purple circle, depending on the situation; However, the button on these devices is after File Ads From google and click pictures.

When you locate it, tap on it and let the magic be there, because you will see how the paw of a dog or a screenshot crosses and leaves a little gray imprint; In addition, you will be able to listen to a file bark or meow And even purring.

After that, you can touch any part of your screen and a dog or a cat’s paw will appear again, leaving a file Effects New, thus filling your devices with the footprints of these animals.

This simple and cool function has attracted the attention of various users on social networks, who invite other people to do it, as they claim that filling their screens with footprints made them happy, Have you already tried it?

So far, the reasons why Google put this function is unknown; However, last July 21 was World Dog Day. While August 8 was world cat day.

It may interest you: Why is International Cat Day celebrated on August 8 every year and how is it done?

On both days, awareness was raised about neglect and abuse that michis and lomitos suffer; As well as promoting responsible adoption and caring for dogs and cats so that they have a decent life full of love.

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