4 Ecuadorean Players from the Qatar World Cup Base in Accumulated Minutes and Stability in Squads in the USA Tour | football | Sports

4 Ecuadorean Players from the Qatar World Cup Base in Accumulated Minutes and Stability in Squads in the USA Tour |  football |  Sports

Ecuador’s coach, Gustavo Alfaro, once again rotated to give chances to all his players on Saturday against Cape Verde, although there are four of them who can be considered reliable men, after repeating their titles in the three friendlies held in the United States. With the goal of the Qatar World Cup 2022.

They are goalkeeper Alexandre Dominguez, defenders Piero Hincabe and Pervis Estupinan, as well as midfielder Moises Caicedo.

In a post-match press conference, Alvaro said that when he put together the team’s roster for the US Tour, there were problems getting all the visas, so he eventually ended up taking more players than he had (26 initially), of whom were calls Last minute Carlos Grosso and Alexandre Alvarado.

“In the end, we ended up bringing in two more players than we wanted to bring in to shoot everyone he wanted,” commented striker Djorkayev Risko, goalkeepers Hernan Galendez and Moises Ramirez, who were the three who didn’t gain minutes in the match. This is a prep course.

Moisés Caicedo is satisfied with the presence of two other midfielders and one of them plays as a full-back. Is Carlos Grosso the chosen one?

The increase in the number of registered players for each team from 23 to 26 will be decided by the International Council on Monday

Of the 28 on the payroll, Dominguez, Hinkapi, Estupinan, and Mui Caicedo each totaled 270 minutes in US cities. They are followed by Gonzalo Plata (204) and Carlos Gruezo (180).

The first friendly match against Nigeria, formed the trio with Alexandre Dominguez, Angelo Preciado, Felix Torres, Piero Hincabe, Pervis Estupinian; Jose Cifuentes, Jason Mendes, and Moses Caicedo; Angel Mina, Inner Valencia; Leonard Bell.

Regarding that eleven, Alvaro gave way to Mexico in front of Xavier Arriaga for Angelo Priciado on the right side and Robert Arboleda in the right center instead of Felix Torres. Carlos Gruezo entered the midfield to accompany Moi Caicedo and keep Jose Cifuentes. Above it was Gonzalo Plata and Romario Ibarra and the spearhead was Michael Estrada.

For both friendly matches, the starting lineup was 1-4-3-2-1.

But against Cape Verde, Alvaro decided to rotate more players and changed the tactical system to 1-4-3-2-1. It gave new defender Jackson Poroso the starting chance and was also a key player for Byron Castillo, who was transferred on Thursday from Barcelona to Leon de Mexico. Jeremy Sarmiento and Jordi Caicedo were also named to the starting line-up.

Two victories over Nigeria and Cape Verde, as well as a draw with Mexico are the results tally the Tri-US tour left in June.

Gustavo Alfaro notes that he will have to improve the definition of this team if he is to be successful in the Qatar World Cup.

Prior to rehearsal with Cape Verde, he said he already had a World Cup base, but did not want to advance with the squad given the fact that there are still five months left until his debut against Qatar.

He will have to keep looking for the historic scorer Enner Valencia, Jordi Caicedo, Campana and Risco, who will take charge of the search for goals in Qatar.

After Saturday’s match, the players will return to their teams until next September, when at least two more matches will be held in Spanish cities against Japan and Saudi Arabia, which has already been confirmed.

List of players who took Gustavo Alvaro to the United States:

shooters: Alexandre Dominguez, Hernan Galendez, Moises Ramirez.

Defenses: Robert Arboleda, Xavier Arriaga, Byron Castillo, Pervis Estupinian, Piero Hincape, Diego Palacios, Jackson Borroso, Angelo Preciado, Felix Torres.

Midfielders: Alexander Alvarado, Dixon Arroyo, Moises Caicedo, Jose Cifuentes, Alain Franco, Romario Ibarra, Angel Mina, Gigson Mendes, Gonzalo Plata, Jeremy Sarmiento, Carlos Gruezo, Alexandre Alvarado.

Attackers: Michael Estrada, Leonardo Campana, Djurkayev Risko, Iner Valencia.


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