5 Android apps you didn’t know you needed, and it’s free!


On Google apps There are many Android applications It is very difficult to find the best or the most interesting thing for your day. Today we have very good news for you, because we will leave a list for you 5 apps you didn’t know you needed. It is available on Google Play, has a very good rating, interesting functions and it can be Completely free download. Their designs attract attention for their simplicity and their functionality can reveal things that you haven’t thought of doing with your Android device yet.

Download and try these 5 weird apps for Android

Among the options available, you’ll find comfort apps, others that improve your productivity, and some even help you figure out the fit of your favorite shoes. Yes, yes, as I read it. We have already told you what they are Apps you didn’t know you needed And after trying it, they’ll likely still be on your mobile phone.

Vanya – task organizer

There are tons of to-do and reminder organizers on Google Play. Do It offers a very accurate and simple interface with clear objects. The app is designed to improve productivity and make it easy to use.

Do – Google apps

You might not know it, but the task organizer is one of the best tools you can have on your Android device. It will improve your productivity It will allow you to remember everything that you need to do on a daily basis. If you want to try Fanya, it is a highly recommended app within its category.

Remote Mouse – mouse for PC or Android TV

Have you ever needed a mouse or mouse for devices like PC or Android TV? You should know that on Google Play there are apps like Remote mouse Allow you to convert your Android smartphone screen into a Mouse to navigate through PC screen or Android TV.

Remote Mouse – Google apps

It is not the best solution in the world, but installing this app on your mobile phone can save you more than once. It weighs a little, is extremely easy to use and completely free.

Mubert – Music created by I.A.

This application is designed so that you can Relax while working or sleeping with music. The different thing about this app is that the music it hosts is very different from the standard. Its strings Created by AI According to your taste from the category you choose. If you use relaxation music for focus or sleep, you have to try this app.

Moubert – Google apps

Wanna Kicks – Try out shoes with augmented reality

I want kicks It is one of those apps that you might not have known existed and that you now want to download. It is an application that allows you, Through augmented realityTry sport shoes of different brands. You can choose a model, click “try” and see how it looks in real time.

I want cakes. Google apps

It’s a rather demanding app, so it’s not all Android devices They will be able to use it with ease. However, we encourage you to download and use it, as it is a strange and sometimes interesting experience to see what those shoes you’ve been looking for for so long will look like on you.

Fluid simulator – create funny wallpapers

You probably did not know that creating seamless wallpapers in different colors is very comfortable and fun. Fluid simulation It gives you a base in which you can include liquids of different colors and sizes Create wallpapers.

Fluid Simulation – Google apps

You can use the app simply for relaxation or also to create background designs for static or animated use. It’s a simple app that will definitely stay in a file Android device Momentarily.

that’s it 5 Android apps we recommend you to download And try to discover new jobs and services that can be very interesting for your day or for your entertainment. Remember, they are all on Google Play and they are Completely free.

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