5 facts about the entertaining animated series that are making Netflix mad

5 facts about the entertaining animated series that are making Netflix mad

Animation has its place in Netflix And currently the production of this type is a trend. It comes to Sonic heada bar based on characters from the famous video game Which is among the most viewed by users. Here are five facts about the series, which has premiered eight episodes so far, that you can’t miss.

what is he talking about?

The official summary stated:When a massive battle with Dr. Eggman destroys the universe, Sonic travels across parallel dimensions to retrieve his friends and save the world.“.

Who is acting?

Voice cast led Devin Christian Mac in the role of sonic, Ashley Paul like miles, Shannon Chan Kent In the role of Amy W Brian Drummond Like Dr. Eggman they accompany them Adam NoradaAnd the Kazumi EvansAnd the Ian HanlinAnd the Vincent Tong s Allison Lee Rosenfeld.

Sonic Prime (2022)

Who created it?

Sonic head I manage before Eric Vizzy s Kiran Sanghera Written by Justin PenistonAnd the Duncan RolloAnd the Omar SibahiAnd the Patricia Fileto s Brittany Jo Flores. The series is a US, Canada and Japan co-production of WildBrain Studios, SEGA, Man of Action Entertainment, Flixzilla Aura, Netflix Animation, and Sega of America.

What does the review say?

Where IGN they considered itFun and entertaining family series (…) which offers an interesting look at the past while introducing some new ideas Common sense media And they reviewed, “Jumps between worlds can be a little disconcerting, but Sonic’s unwavering commitment to his friends empowers him and sends a powerful message to young viewers.”

Is there a trailer?

You can watch the trailer for Sonic head next one.

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