57 series and documentaries on Netflix, HBO, Filmin, Disney +, Movistar +, Amazon, and more


A new Friday and a new perfect time to unwind on a cold weekend. Or well, it depends on where you are reading this. Without a doubt, these are the days of the sofa and blanket and getting to see something on our favorite platform. So let’s check out 57 series and documentaries This premiere this weekend at NetflixAnd the Amazon Prime Video, HBO, the movieAnd the Movistar +And the Disney +And the Atres PlayerAnd the + Apple TV s STARZ PLAY.

“3 ways”

Veronica Ishiguy and Alex Gonzalez lead the crew on this Spanish series that, in a way, opens the Jacobean year. In six episodes, we find the story of three routes to Santiago by a group of pilgrims in different years. Text by Norberto Lopez Amado and Inaki Merero.

  • Friday on Amazon Prime Video | reconsidering


The new from Daniel Écija puts Carmen Maura at the center as the mother of the family. Her husband’s death reveals that they have been cheated on their whole lives and are on the verge of losing the academy they lead. To save her, the family will do the unthinkable in a fight with a rival family.

  • Sunday at Atresplayer

Fate: The Winx Saga

Winx returns, this time in the live series. “Destiny: The Winx Saga” will tell the story of five fairies, students of Alfea, as they learn to master their magical powers, manage their emotional affairs, and fight their rivalries.

‘It’s a sin’

A new miniseries by Russell T Davies that explores the lives of a group of five gay men in 1980s London. And while they are enjoying their sexual freedom and having a good time, the impending AIDS epidemic will soon affect your life. Close circle.

“Drawing with John”

Actor and singer John Lowry shares his thoughts on his artistic techniques and life instruction in this realistic series of genres touted as “Half-Tutorial to Meditation, Half-Talk About Campfire.”

Alice’s loss

The latest acquisition in Apple TV + is this new Israeli thriller that tells the story of a female director whose life explodes into a sensual young screenwriter who succeeded in making her film. Alice captures a story and a woman who hides more than meets the eye.

Star Trek: Lower Decks

The new Star Trek series is an animated comedy that offers us the support crew for one of the least important ships in the entire starfleet union.

  • Friday on Amazon Prime Video

Star Trek: All series ranked from worst to best

All firsts

Netflix (every Friday)

the movie

HBO Spain

  • “Ecstasy: Part 2” (The Sabbath)
  • “It is a sin” (Saturday)
  • LegaciesT3 (Friday)
  • “Painting with John” (Sabado)
  • “Doraemon: Robot Cats vs Robot Dogs” (Friday)
  • Season 2 ‘Los Monkikis’ (Friday)

Movistar +

Disney + (every Friday)

Other platforms

  • “3 Ways” (Friday on Amazon Prime Video)
  • “Debt” (Sunday at Atresplayer)
  • “Losing Alice” (Friday on Apple TV +)
  • “The Night Manager” (Sunday at Starzplay)
  • “Star Trek: Lower Decks” (viernes en Amazon Prime Video)

Espinof recommends …

‘Infiltrator’ in Starzplay (by Albertini)

The year that goes by and the year in which I am more surprised by the remnants it leaves, and how little recognizable it is, this series (well, there was a Season 2 but never recognized again) based on Lecari’s novel. An amazing cast – Hugh Laurie, Tom Hiddleston, and Olivia Coleman, among others – plunge us into an exciting, sophisticated and questionable story in its six episodes.

“Lux terna” in two films (by Keiko Vega)

Gaspar Noi sets fire to a messy photography with an epileptic comedy full of evil that is now one of the director’s indispensable films given to the other styles. As with the extraordinary “Jack’s House” by Lars von Trier, Noé decided to take off the Joker mask to put on the comedian’s jacket.
“Lux Æterna” is a round, sinister and short comedy. So short that it’s doubly round and sinister.

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