7 MIUI Apps You Should Try Even If You Don’t Have Xiaomi

7 MIUI Apps You Should Try Even If You Don’t Have Xiaomi


Even if you don’t have a Xiaomi phone, you can use some of the best apps from the manufacturer. These are our recommendations.

xiaomi It has an interesting ecosystem of applications. Don’t worry if you don’t have a branded mobile phoneBecause you can still download many high-quality Xiaomi apps on your smartphone. If you do not know them yet, in this article We Recommend 7 MIUI Apps You Should Try.

In general, there Many Xiaomi apps that you can download from Google Playbut we chose the seven most interesting. They are all free So you don’t have to worry about that. Remember that you can download and use these apps even if you don’t have a file xiaomi mobile. Let’s see what they are and what they are.

Download these good Xiaomi apps even if you have another brand mobile phone.

7 MIUI Apps You Can Try Even If You Don’t Have Xiaomi

SamsungAnd the trulyAnd the OppoAnd the honor… no matter what brand of Android mobile phone, As long as you can reach google apps You can download these 7 MIUI apps that we would like to recommend.

  • share with me
  • my calculator
  • ziplive
  • Xiaomi File Manager
  • calendar
  • my movement
  • my shop

share with me

7 MIUI Apps You Should Try Even If You Don't Have Xiaomi

Transfer files quickly with the ShareMe app.

if you need Transfer files quickly between two Android terminalsOne of the best apps that you can use is ShareMe, developed by Xiaomi. It has a simple interface that will not make it difficult for you to use it. In addition, since it uses a WiFi connection, files are transferred It’s much faster from bluetooth.

Of course, another feature of the ShareMe app is that You don’t need wires By sharing photos, videos, documents or any other type of file with other users. If you want to try this app, you can Download it for free Through the following Google Play link.

my calculator

7 MIUI Apps You Should Try Even If You Don't Have Xiaomi

The name of this app already reveals its usefulness. It is the Xiaomi Calculator, which is also distinguished by the presence of a simple interface that allows us to quickly navigate between the different tools. With it you can do any calculations In just a few seconds.

It is very complete, because it also serves Scientific calculator, currency converter And even to calculate the days, hours and minutes that have passed since a specific date. As we explained before, Mi Calculator is a file Free app Which you can download from Google Play.


7 MIUI Apps You Should Try Even If You Don't Have Xiaomi

The Zepp Life app from Xiaomi is the old Mi Fit.

Zepp Life may not sound familiar to you, but just remember that It’s the old Mi Fit To give you some guidance. yes, Xiaomi changed the name to Mi Fit To continue the strategy of deleting the prefix “Mi”. is the app Dedicated to physical activityknown as Compatibility with Xiaomi smart watches and bracelets.

With Zepp Life you can record all your physical exercises Knowing data such as kilometers traveledThe time taken or the path followed. Here you can check other data obtained by those smart devices, such as hours of sleep or your heart rate. By the way, the interface has not changed, so you can easily master it if you use the old Mi Fit.

Xiaomi File Manager

7 MIUI Apps You Should Try Even If You Don't Have Xiaomi

Another MIUI app that you should try even if you don’t have a Xiaomi is File Manager, file organizer This will be very useful for managing all the information that you store on your mobile phone. First of all, you can View all storage data To see how much memory each partition takes up (photos, files, videos, etc.).

Be careful, with File Manager from Xiaomi you can also Hide some files to prevent access them with your fingerprint or pattern. In addition, this application is also useful for Quickly find files What you need Enter the following link and download it to your device without having to pay anything in return.


If you want to use Calendar app to organize your days And don’t forget your pending tasks, you can try my calendar. As we can see, Xiaomi also has its own calendar app, which is completely free through the Play Store.

With My Calendar you can use files Several different calendarsIn addition to using functions such as controlling the menstrual cycle. You can easily switch between daily, weekly or monthly view, as well Add events on a specific date so the app will send you a reminder.

my movement

If you are one of those who change their mobile phones often, or you have just bought a new smartphone, you can use the Xiaomi Mi Mover app for Conveniently transfer data between old and new device. If you don’t want to lose the information you had on your old phone, all you have to do is download this app and pair both devices.

Next, select the data you want to transfer and wait a few minutes for the process to complete. Depending on the size of the files, it may take more or less. Eye, as well defined in the application information, The new terminal to which you will transfer information must be from Xiaomi.

my shop

Finally, on your mobile phone, you can also download the Mi Store, the Xiaomi app that Access the extensive catalog of branded products so you can buy them Online. In addition, it is also used for Learn about promotions campaigns Provided by Xiaomi and the latest company news. Pay attention, if you are attentive, you can take away some of their best products for much less money.

As you can see, there are many MIUI apps that are worth it even if you don’t have a Xiaomi phone. From ShareMe to quickly transfer files to My Calendar to keep your calendar organized, the Chinese company has a file The ecosystem of applications is complete and extremely useful for users.

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