3 reasons why you can’t connect your TV via WiFi to the Internet

to have Internet At home, it has become a basic need for any human being, to the point where it is considered an important thing in life itself. The globalized world, as well as the rise of the various platforms and multiple devices that surround us, requires effective, valid and rapid access to the World Wide Web. And one of the technological artifacts that has adapted to this world is Television. Although according to experts, you should not connect to the web through WIFI For reasons we will tell you below.

We are far from this age Television It is characterized by its enormous weight and large size, even in cases that are only black and white. But the same technological progress and the demand from the society itself arose from the emergence of LED TVs in the first place – with flat screens – and then the popular SmartTVs that currently prevail in a large part of homes.

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