83 Basque youth will collaborate this summer in Africa and America

83 Basque youth will collaborate this summer in Africa and America

Justice A total of 83 Basque youth have been selected by the Basque Government and by various NGOs to participate in 31 cooperation projects developed in Africa and America. During this weekend, the chosen ones went to the Barria (cart) to learn about their summer destinations in which they will participate for two months with the indigenous people in educational activities, construction of hydraulic infrastructures, or healthcare, among others.

The conference was attended by the Director of Youth of the Basque Government, Lano Agortzani, and Paul Ortega, Director of eLankidetza.

Out of 409 candidates, 83 were selected, mostly women: 66 girls and 17 men. They all met the heads of the 14 NGOs that are part of the project, who explained their tasks at each destination.

The 31 projects will be developed in Peru, Honduras, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Rwanda and Uganda.

“Selected profiles of all kinds: education, teaching, sports professionals, health, agricultural engineering, environmental sciences, music, social work, psychology, English and science teachers, to name a few” Agurtzane Llano detailed.

“We have done various work in groups and the potential concern of each young person has been answered when they know their destination so that they can be taken to their families. Needless to say, in addition to travel insurance, they have direct support from their ‘non-governmental’ NGOs.” Organizations such as the Egoaizia Association for Development Cooperation, SERSO San Viator de Euskal Herria, Ayuda en Acción Foundation, Salesian Missions, Taupadak Elkartea Association, Medicus Mundi Bizkaia Elkartea, Haurralde Fundazioa, World Rural Forum Development Association, Vedruna-Solive Solidarity Association, or the Manuel Iradir African Association.

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