A big step forward for Android 14 in terms of storage

A big step forward for Android 14 in terms of storage

After providing us with “exFAT” in Android 13 with kernel 5.10, it seems that Google is now preparing to support “NTFS” with Linux kernel 5.15 and Android 14.

Still talking about an illusion Android 14and that Google has already provided us with data such as landing a file first beta It will be available at The second quarter of next year 2023.

so be it, Some of the news they bring in Mountain View For the 14th iteration of its mobile platform, it can already be found in the form of tickets at Android open source projecteven fellow like Mishaal Rahman Al-Shaabi They have already started to work Destroy everything important that appears Around android sh.

Smartphone RAM

Finally, Android is getting ready to support NTFS memories.

And in this case, novelty is very important because apparently, After the local support for “exFAT”in Google they will provide the ability to install on Android NTFS formatted memory drives.

Here you have login in AOSP موقع site In case you want to continue, though we have it now Where will the updates be and where are the restrictions?which there will certainly be.

The first version of Android 14 Beta already has a release date

First of all, we must remember that Android 13 with Linux kernel 5.10 And then already implement the possibility Originally using the file system “exFAT”at least 13 years after its release.

This compatibility is limited to Linux kernel 5.10, and here is the main drawback because Mobile devices usually don’t replace or update their Linux kernel out of the boxdespite the fact that Android versions are updated with Major updates.

just so mobile phones made by google from past generationsAnd Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro plus some other Main from different manufacturers As with Samsung’s Galaxy S family, they will be able to enjoy this extended file system.

Android 14 can support NTFS

Screenshot of the entry related to NTFS support, in the Android Open Source Project.

Regarding NTFSthe first thing is that Microsoft never opened this format Officially, so Linux kernel 5.15 and above Use a controller open source by Paragon Software For full read-write support for these types of file systems.

The constraint will be identical, since it will be related to kernel 5.15, although the optimization is very important for You have that continuity between your Windows PC and your Android smartphone Thus, they can install the same memory modules regardless of shape and without other problems.

Obviously we are Before the first steps of this original compatibilitysince Google has yet to develop the service (or “invisible”) will be responsible for loading different memory sizes, although that’s nice to see They are already working on it with Android 14 On the horizon and on the horizon.

Very positive news, despite the spread of “exFAT”!

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