If you are tired of accepting cookie notifications, you should switch to this browser

Brave Browser has a feature that allows us to get rid of cookie notifications forever.

Every time we talk about it Best web browsers for Android It’s inevitable to talk about Chrome. After all, Google’s browser perfectly complements our Android system and with the “dependency of google” that many users have: synced data, extensions, history… it makes things a lot easier when we leave the computer.

Chrome itself is a closed source browser, but it has an open source version called Chromium which, coincidentally, is used as the basis for many existing projects such as Opera, Vivaldi or the proposed project. Let’s talk about a A browser focused on privacy Which is always on my devices, and it is Always enters the lists of the best For more than enough reasons.

Brave Browser, the answer to your prayers

If you are tired of accepting cookie notifications, you should switch to this browser

Brave Browser Works on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra || Photo: Sergio Agudo

As we said above, Brave Browser is a file A privacy-focused browser based on Chromium. This means that you will not only be able to use it as if it were Chrome (there isn’t much difference between the two in terms of usability) but, in addition to that, your data will be more secure while browsing.

This means, for example, that this browser contains a file Very powerful ad blocker Included in your code. This feature works fine. This helps us get rid of those annoying ads that sometimes prevent us from easily accessing content or a resource that interests us.

However, Brave isn’t just about blocking ads. And this browser has another ace up its sleeve: Block cookie notifications that appear on websites the first time you access them. In fact, with its latest version, it appears for the first time Brave will give you the option to send them to oblivion I will not see them again. that’s easy.

for this use Kind of blacklist It is called EasyList-Cookie List, which is updated so that it cannot be ignored. If at any time something goes wrong or you need to restore warnings, the browser itself allows you to solve the problem by going to the address Brave: // Settings / Armor / Filters Clear the list that appears.

And now you know, if you never want to see those cookie notifications again, feel free to do so Download Brave from the button we leave you with below.

Download BraveBrowser

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