A little girl asks the Apple assistant to help her pick up her toys


Morema She is a 3-year-old girl who fell in love with her social networks For the funny conversation she had with him personal assistant from An appleAnd siri.

The little girl went on tour with siri Because it seems to help An apple She did not know how to speak Galician and did not understand what Morima said to her: “But if you speak so loudly!” The girl yelled in Galician, who doesn’t know what to do either siri I get it.

As shown MoremaThis is not the first time he has spoken to her siri, they already knew each other, which is why he doesn’t understand why the voice IPAD He doesn’t understand what he’s trying to tell you. After several words “I don’t understand you” and “I can help you with something else,” the girl comes up with another thing that she needs a little help with.

The girl asks her personal assistant to help her pick up her toys.

Morema He looks around and says siri: “You can help me pick things up,” the little girl suggests when she sees all the chaos in her room. However, the request again in Galician for that assistant An apple He still does not understand it.

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Finally, the little girl realizes that Siri may not understand anything she is asking because she speaks Galician. Despite understanding dozens of languages, it seems that the AI ​​of An apple Not yet come to understand Galician.

However, the girl’s logic seems to have touched the personal assistant’s pride, asserting that “Siri knows many things.” However, he was no longer able to convince the girl who clearly saw that Galician was not among these many things.

Despite her best efforts, Siri cannot understand Galician.

The video that his mother shared quickly spread on social networks, where in a few days he managed to reach thousands of copies, and even Education Council of Xunta de Galicia Share the funny scene on his official account. This, Morima’s mother in the same video requested that Siri speak Galician.

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