A man survives a large alligator attack in Florida; He explains, “I tried to open his jaws.”

A man survived after a large crocodile bit his head, in Floridalast August 3rd.

Drone footage taken over Lake Florida shows the moment this happened Juan Carlos La Verde He was swimming from a pier in Lake Thonotosassa with a huge crocodile on his way. After a few seconds they met, I mentioned New York Post.

La Verde, a former member of the Pararescatadores from United States Air Force a local firefighter and paramedic, described the 12-foot-tall crawler; He was shooting a video tutorial for his company, DefeatX. WFTS-TV Tampa reports that a friend unknowingly captured video footage of the drone attack.

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La Verde sustained serious injuries to her face and head. He needed a six-hour surgery at Tampa General Hospital to repair and rebuild the damage to his skull and head, according to a GoFundMe that was set up for him.

He said he realizes the lake is a dangerous place and usually takes precautions before entering the water, but he was in a hurry that day.

“I felt the scales and the teeth”

He recently told WFTS-TV Tampa, “This thing wasn’t a baby alligator. It would be fun if it was a baby alligator.”

“With the hit, all I could feel were the scales and the teeth and then I’m fine,” he told the media at the get-together.

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“What I think I did, what I felt, was I immediately tried to open his jaws because I knew I was into an alligator.

“When I felt the teeth, I knew immediately; and then when I opened it, I knew I had either turned it or turned me, but he was just as flustered as I was, and then let me go.”

La Verde found a way to swim to the pier and get out of the water before someone else took him to the hospital. He even called 911 of his own accord to explain what had happened.

“I’m better off because it gave me a new perspective, you know, that not many people understood,” he told WFTS.

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