A mixture of street art and baseball


Did you hear the term “Street art“What’s the first thing that crosses my mind?” What if you think you have mixed up with it baseball?

The Street art, urban art, or street art, Are informal techniques of artistic expression that are rendered freely on the street, sometimes illegally, usually in large cities. It is mainly divided into 4 categories, according to the type of technology used, which are:

  • GraffitiSecret drawing or writing on city walls, everything has an aesthetic meaning: drawings, figures, coded messages, etc.
  • stencilA plastic or paper template in which the silhouette of what you want to draw is cut out, and then pasted onto the wall before painting with paint.
  • a poster: Printed on paper or other materials and affixed to the walls. They last for a long time and allow many of them to be combined to form large shapes.
  • Sculpture and other interventionsOther, bolder forms of street art include objects from the public street, phone booths, or even tickets, and combine sculpture with other graphic arts.

But what does “street art” have to do with baseball?

Also known as the “King of Sports”, Baseball is the national sport in the United States. Therefore, even if a person does not completely follow MLB’s regular season, the World Series is always at the top of the highest audience not only in the United States, but in the world. This allowed most people to recognize a player.

In the last five years, they signed up Various murals in various places in the United States regarding baseball. Some of them have gone viral and some not so much, but they do exist.

They are located in the Bronx, New York.

Also in Auckland, with history behind it.

By October 2019, “Muros Co.” , An art company, has teamed up with the Houston Astros, as they paint a mural for every team’s post-season victory that year.

Astros mural

In 2020, a complete frenzy kicks off early in the short season due to the fight between Carlos Correa (Astros) and Joe Kelly (The Dodgers) after it became known that Astros illegally used technology to steal banners during the 2017 season, which ended with the Houston Championship over Los Angeles at the World Championships. Kelly made a face that quickly became popular with fans and players. In Los Angeles, the situation was taken very seriously, and artist Jonas never painted a mural in honor of this moment.

The Dodgers, by winning the world championship after 32 years, unleashed a streak of passions in their fans and in the sports world in general. Responsible for finishing the championship match, Mexican Julio Urías had at that time become an idol of the Chávez Ravine. People were quick to show gestures of appreciation and support. Here is his mural:

In 2020, Mookie Betts traded from Red Sox to Dodgers. He quickly won the fans of Los Angeles for the way he played. After becoming the NBA Lakers champions and days after the Dodgers, they also made some murals in various parts of Los Angeles which they called: “The City of Heroes in Los Angeles”.

Mookie Betts mural, Kobe Bryant

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