A new alliance with Banorte spurs Borregos


Alliance between Take de Monterey s Jigsaw That will support the athletes of the institution in different areas is a reflection of the work that SheepWhich attracts attention at the national level.

This was mentioned by Carlos Altamirano, coach of the Monterrey football team, who thanked the financial group for its confidence and for being part of the team.

There will be many opportunities for our children, and this is the important thing, both academically and mathematically..

This generates more commitment for us as coaches and for the kids as players with the team and the organization, and because it is a national program it is something that makes us very proud.“, He declared.

American football sheep remain undefeated on the field.

Young athletes might be more interested in being a part of Take de Monterey With this cooperation, the coach commented.

The thing that should be highlighted about the program is what generates presence in Borregos, which is the competitiveness of boys“, He declared.

The agreement between Tec and Banorte has a A special program to support 3 thousand athletes For the foundation, through various initiatives.

Charitable Alliance. – Boreaghus

Fernando Mejia, player of Borjos Monterrey, said this agreement is the motivation to stay on top of student football.

We as players have always been grateful since before the stadium openedSaid a team leader and student Master of Financial Management.

The scale of this agreement is a very large discriminatory factor that has an impact on the player, and along with that effect, is our commitment that continues to grow to Tec.“he added.

Borrejos midfielder Sebastian Hernandez has indicated that he sees it as A bonus for athletes Those who strive to train and study every day.

We are pioneers, and Tec has always been looking for this, and now this new student-athlete alliance will allow us to grow and develop personally.The student commented from Certificate in Financial Management.

We have already achieved good growth in its own right and I think this will help us a lot to strengthen it and keep growing Borregos Monterrey“, Locate.

Borregus players
Fernando Mejia, Sebastian Hernandez, Robin Cueva and Mauricio Martinez.

Possible games in the USA

Play with Borregos Monterrey Matches against high-level teams in the United StatesRobin Cueva said, which if executed again would allow for better preparation.

There is the best level in football and seeing our partner Isaac Alarcon who is in the Dallas Cowboys, we have the potential to be competitive.Student and back angle stated.

To be able to be better every day. We want the opportunity to measure ourselves against the best and see where we are“, he added.

As part of this alliance, the stadium of the men’s and women’s soccer and soccer teams is called up from March Jigsaw Stadium: Home of the Sheep.

By Mauricio Martinez, a student at Bachelor of Business and Strategy ManagementIt’s more motivation to play at home.

After listening to the conversation, I am very grateful for belonging to the program. I thank the managers because it is a common causeA citizen of Mexico City said.

I’m excited, we really want to play and the name comes to give a more universal question for the stadium and everything it adds up is good“, he added.

Players noticed that They will strive to remain unbeaten on the field Thus, he confirms his championship as soon as the season begins.

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