A new job offer suggests that Pokémon video games will be translated into Spanish in Latin America

A new job offer suggests that Pokémon video games will be translated into Spanish in Latin America

We got an interesting announcement regarding one of the most beloved franchises by nintenderos. It is already around Pokemon.

In the post below, we can find out that The Pokémon Company has published A new job offer in London has led to suspicion that the franchise’s future video games could have Latin American Spanish as an available language. Fans have been asking for this for years, and it could be very soon now.

They are specifically looking for a fileSpanish translation editor for Latin America» To work in London. This is the description from which we were able to find out ANMTV:

The translation editor is a member of the editorial team and works closely with translation editors, translators and other project coordinators on all aspects of video game publishing and related materials (game strategy guide, video game website, etc.) in the language of the translation editor (Spanish used in Latin American regions). This will include a high level of knowledge of the original vernacular, the phraseology and nuances of the said language.

  • Editing of a variety of video game related materials, such as game script, templates, packaging, press releases and any other marketing materials in the language of the major.
  • Adaptation of Spanish-language material to a Latin American audience.
  • Oversee the quality control process for all video games and implement necessary changes, gaining in-depth knowledge of any game being localized in the company.
  • Correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, style, and terminology for the language you work in.
  • Ensure consistency in the use of terminology and style in the language of the major.
  • Review and patch all video game related content.
  • Lead and support projects as needed.
  • Collaborate with other languages ​​to maintain a high level of quality in all languages.
  • Support translators and coordinators when necessary.
  • Report regularly on the progress of the company’s management.

We will take care of more details. What do you think of the news? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments.


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