Activate the temporary photo and video function

Activate the temporary photo and video function

One of the most awaited features The WhatsApp It is to be able to send temporary photos and videos, which can only be opened once and then deleted from the conversation, if you still do not know this update, here we tell you how to use it.

This functionality, common in other apps like Instagram and Snapchat, only gave a temporary view of the photos you had sent to the private chat, or only left them available for a certain period of time. Well, now you can also send this type of file via WhatsApp.

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Temporary photos and videos

Activating this function is very simple, because you only need to follow these simple steps:

  • Open the app and enter the chat.
  • From the bottom bar where you write messages, you have to select the camera icon.
  • Choose a photo from your gallery or take one to send.
  • Under the image you will see the “1” icon next to the cast icon, which was not shown before, pressing the icon will activate the viewing mode once.
  • This way the person or group you see can only do it once.
  • Once they see the photo, you won’t be able to open it again.

Important facts about this new feature:

  • Although they can only be viewed once, there is a way to save them with a screenshot, and they won’t warn you if they do. Well, WhatsApp does not detect when it was made.
  • When photos and videos are sent temporarily, they can only be viewed once and you are notified when the file is opened.
  • You can also send temporary photos and videos to a group, and you can see who opened the photo by going to the message info at the top right.
  • Contacts that you have blocked but are part of a group will also be able to watch these videos. In fact, they cannot talk to you or call you individually, but they can interact with you in the group chat.

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