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The Salvador Calvo film was done by Luis Tosar and Anna Castillo as heroes, among others.

On January 31, the movie Adú, starring Luis Tossar and Anna Castillo, which brings together many stories developed on the African continent, arrived in cinemas. On the other hand, two Cameroonian children sneaked onto a plane to travel to Europe. On the one hand, the activist fights poaching while mending his relationship with his daughter. In addition, some civil guards are preparing for a new day when a group of sub-Saharan Africans attempt to cross the border in Melilla.

Ad It tells the truth about millions of people who move each year in search of a better world. The film crew did not rest until they found the perfect angles to tell the story of Gonzalo and the rest of the characters, leading them to live their own adventure in Africa.

Under the direction of Salvador Calvo, the members of the film toured different countries. Some of them already had experience in this environment, shooting in Morocco, Uganda or Senegal for products like El Niño or Sara’s Notebook. however, This time the mission was different, because they wanted one with the necessary geographic richness for the viewer.

Production designer, Cesar Macaron, studied different regions of Ghana, Nigeria, Mozambique, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Rwanda, Cameroon and Senegal, but it was actress Bella Aguso who took them to the Republic of Benin, the birthplace of sorcery. Hosted his first international photo shoot with this Spanish film.

We settled in Cotonou with our production manager, Sergio Gil, and little by little, we were able to build a team capable of shooting a movie with elephants, nature reserves, Venice in the jungle, African airports and all the dangers and beauty of a wild landscape.

Once the filming locations are chosen, it is time to find the boy who will play Adú. After half a year of casting in Africa, they find Mustafa Umaru, a six-year-old boy who becomes the focus of the story.

Come on, the film crew lived their own adventure of transformation Ad In fact.

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