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selections african women Their participation passes to the World Cup Qatar 2022, in the group stage that is in its last moments and has already left some of the countries ranked in the main stage, as those ranked in the world Cup.

It must be remembered that CAF qualifiers consist of three phases, the first being called Preliminary, in which the 28 teams with the lowest FIFA rankings for the month of July 2019 take part, where they face each other in 14 series of 2 teams. The winners reach the second round or group stage.

In the second round, the remaining 26 teams automatically enter with the 14 teams that qualified in the preliminary round, divided into 10 groups of 4, with the first from each group qualifying for the third stage.

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Of these 10 remaining teams, they will face off in 5 home and away brackets, where the winners will have the automatic quota for the World Cup. Knowing this, let’s know the status of the groups shortly after completing this stage.

Group A: Burkina Faso stumbles, Algeria tops

Only one date in the group stage, Algeria advanced over Burkina Faso, its closest supplements, after defeating Djibouti and obtaining 13 points. For its part, Burkina Faso did not surpass the tie with Niger and lost the move adding 11 points.

The last date will be a heart attack, as Algeria and Burkina Faso face each other and who goes to the next round will be decided. The Algerian national team is enough to maintain a draw to reach the knockout zone.

Group B: Tunisia is relegated to an incredible degree and its classification is in danger

Tunisia suddenly fell to Equatorial Guinea, the team that reached it with 10 points in the table. This was an opportunity for Tunisia to make a 6-point difference and close their rankings, but their downfall raised more than just anxiety.

The Tunisians have to face Zambia, who, with 7 points, still have little hope of qualifying, if some results are achieved.

For its part, Equatorial Guinea must win by a big goal difference over the series goal Mauritania, or wait for Tunisia to fall or a draw against Zambia to sign a pass for them to the next round. Everything will be decided on the last date.

Tunisia participated in the World Cup in Russia 2018, but this complicated its qualification for Qatar 2022 (Photo: Andrew Surma / NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Group C: Nigeria and Cape Verde meet to qualify

Similar to the case of Algeria and Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Cape Verde will compete with 12 and 10 points respectively in the deadline for their transition to the next round.

For Nigeria, a draw is enough to be among the ten who will fight for Qatar’s share, while Cape Verde must win to fulfill its mission, it has no other options.

Nigeria, who participated in the last edition of the World Cup, may reach the next round of a tie.  (Image: Oliver Weiken/picture alliance via Getty Images)
Nigeria, who participated in the last edition of the World Cup, may reach the next round of a tie. (Photo: Oliver Weiken/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Group D: Ivory Coast and Cameroon advance to

This group will also be decided on the deadline, as Ivory Coast can reach 13 points if they win the pending match against Mozambique. Otherwise it will stay at 10.

Cameroon leads the group with 12 points, however, the Ivorians may be on their heels and, even worse, the removal of the rankings, as they face the deadline.

As in many groups, this will be decided by the deadline in the historic African team duel.

Cameroon will have to decide its future against Ivory Coast.  (Image: ANP Sport via Getty Images)
Cameroon will have to determine its future against Ivory Coast. (Image: ANP Sport via Getty Images)

Group E: Mali, qualified for the next round

Among the first teams that signed up in the next round were Mali, which managed to reach 13 points with a 0-3 score over Rwanda, while Uganda lost the possibility by drawing with Kenya and remaining with 9 points.

Group F: Egypt, qualified for the next round

And Mohamed Salah’s choice, despite his tie with Angola, achieved his classification, reaching 11 points, 4 points ahead of Gabon, which, despite its victory over Libya, could not catch up with the Egyptians.

Egypt succeeded in qualifying for the next stage of the African qualifiers.  (Photo: Visionhaus)
Egypt succeeded in qualifying for the next stage of the African qualifiers. (Photo: Visionhaus)

Group G: Ghana lose a step and only have to win

The Ghanaian team lost a golden opportunity to come closer to South Africa in the table, as it tied with Ethiopia, while the South Africans did their best and beat Zimbabwe at the minimum.

Now they will meet South Africa with 13 points and Ghana with 10 in the deadline for the group stage. A draw suits South Africa, while Ghana should only win by more than two goals. a challenge.

Group H: Senegal, qualified for the next round

Senegal was one of the first African teams to reach the third stage of the tie, because with 13 points it is far from Togo and Namibia, both with 5 points, and from Congo, which scored only 3.

Group A: Morocco, qualified for the next round

Morocco qualified almost without shaggy, getting a perfect result, leaving behind the teams of Guinea-Bissau, Guinea and Sudan. In addition to this, he has an average of more than 3 goals per match. They walked.

Group X: Benin play qualifying on the last date

Benin surprised locals and outsiders after they managed to stay for several dates as the leader of Group J, and now they must reassert this supremacy on a last date against the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Benin, with 10 points, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with eight, are vying for its classification at the last date. Tanzania is eliminated along with Madagascar.

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