Mexico names the United States the ‘Giant of CONCACAF’


Mexico: “Mexico bestows the United States the title of ‘Giant of CONCACAF,'” he wrote. Jose Ramon Fernandez At the end of the game.

Jose Ramon Fernandez described on his Twitter account that it is a shame that the Mexican soccer team has lost, in his eyes, the title of “CONCACAF giant“.

And they are already Three defeats in a row who – which Mexico soccer team Records ahead of his counterpart in the United States.

Even controversial Joserra asked a strong question on Twitter, saying: “Is Tri really worth going to Qatar?“.

Jose Ramon Fernandez in the Mexican soccer team (Twitter )

Jose Ramon Fernandez asserts that Mexican football is made of ‘plastic’

Go to that Jose Ramon Fernandez was dangerously angry about the Mexican soccer team’s 2-0 defeat against the United States in the qualifying rounds en route to Qatar 2022.

Since he was on the same platform he confirmed that “Our soccer ball is made of plasticBy virtue of the absence of a “descent or ascent”.

“Like I said, our football is made of plastic. There are no relegations, promotions, timeshares, rearrangements, etc. Today (2-0 against the USA) as a result, it shouldn’t surprise us”

Jose Ramon Fernandez

It is worth noting that after the defeat of Trey recorded on November 12, USA soccer team He took the lead in the CONCACAF qualifiers.

Jose Ramon Fernandez in the Mexican soccer team (Twitter )

David Fittelson, teammate of Jose Ramon Fernandez, joins the Mexican soccer team

But Jose Ramon Fernandez wasn’t the only journalist to sink the Mexican soccer team, since he was his ESPN partner, David Fittelson, did the same.

Also on Twitter, David Faitelson It is classified as a stain The defeat of the Mexican soccer team at the hands of the United States.

He also mentioned that he had never seen such a degraded tricolor, so he also mentioned that the team Gerardo Martino He has nothing to do in Qatar 2022.

“I have never seen a Mexican team collapse the way it did today in the second half. No one reacted. Neither the players nor the coach. They ran over them…”

David Fittelson

The Mexican soccer team will have a chance to claim on Tuesday, November 16, when they face their counterpart from Canada, the third best ranked in the world. CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers.

Jose Ramon Fernandez in the Mexican soccer team (Twitter )

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