African climbers to change the history of Everest

African climbers to change the history of Everest
The first African woman to climb Mount Everest. external source.

Kathmandu, April 9 (Prinsa Latina).– A group of 10 climbers hope to be the first African-American team to scale the famous Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, unveiled here today.
The Rising Nepal Nepal reports that nearly 6,000 climbers have conquered the so-called Roof of the Planet so far, but fewer than 10 people from Africa are part of the exclusive community and the Full Circle Everest team hopes to double that number.

The expedition has just left the base camp and hopes to reach a summit of 8,848 meters in about two months.

62-year-old Kenyan climber James Kagambi – a mountaineering coach and guide – is the oldest of a team of 10 climbers (the other nine are of African-American descent), who aspire to make history in a sport not known for its diversity.

Kagambi climbed all the highest peaks in Africa, as well as the highest point on four continents.
A former primary school teacher fell in love with the mountains as a teenager watching in awe from his village the midnight fireworks on top of Mount Kenya as the country celebrated its first decade of independence from British colonial rule in 1973.

Years later, after graduating from teaching, he climbed the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest mountain in Africa, after Kilimanjaro.

For this new challenge, part of his rigorous training included climbing Mount Kenya six times between January and April and a two-week expedition to the Rwenzori mountain range, between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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