More falls in US polo: Bolito Perez has to undergo surgery and Christian Labrada (h.) flew amazingly off his horse

More falls in US polo: Bolito Perez has to undergo surgery and Christian Labrada (h.) flew amazingly off his horse

Since 2021, the Argentine polo player has been the top performer, with outstanding performances on the international professional circuit and also in the Triple Crown of our country, achieving the long-awaited goal: winning the first Argentine Open. He did so last year, as captain of La Natividad, accompanied by brothers Camilo and Bartolomé Castagnola (h.), as well as from South Africa, Ignatius Du Plessis. The dedication which, moreover, allowed him to reclaim 10 handicap goals he had already scored during his time at Ellerstina and to add the Olimpia de Plata to his discipline. A great end to this year.

Bolito Peres injuredTweet embed

But Bolito Perez, one of the cracks in our country, has sustained an injury that will keep him inactive for a while.. The talented player from La Natividad was participating in the American season in Palm Beach, playing for the Santa Rita team. During the exercise, he had a fall that led to its consequences: a fracture of the left clavicle, which is a very common injury for polo players.

Palermo Polo Open Final.  Cradle defeated no dolphina
Palermo Polo Open Final. Cradle defeated no dolphinaRodrigo Nespolo – The Nation

Polito, 35, will undergo surgery on Monday, with the aim of speeding up his recovery in order to be in the British season, which begins on May 13 with the Queen’s Cup feud, a competition he won in 2021 with the formation of the Emirates Polo. a team. These are competitions up to 22 Paralympic goals, such as the one to play next: the British Open.

to me Lulu Castagnola, Geeta and Barto’s father and La Natividad coach, the consequences weren’t all bad for Polito. “It was practice before an important meeting of the US Open. He went to hit the back of his neck, hitting it with all his fury, but he hit the mare’s hand and fell to the ground. The fall was hard. It was like Juanma Nero falling in the 2019 Palermo final. He has anything. He just broke his collarbone. They checked it and it’s good. In Boleto’s way, he’ll be right back. Now they turn it on, put an iron on it and that’s it. Fortunately the collarbone was left. We have to celebrate”Castagnola said.

Bolito Peres must pass through the operating room
Bolito Peres must pass through the operating roomTweet embed

Why did the seven-time champion of Palermo mention “happily he was a leftist”? Because if it’s the right collarbone, then that arm takes more demand on the polo player because he’s the one who handles the stick. The left hand is mainly used to hold the reins and manage the directions given to the horse, i.e. less important.

Polito Perez was playing in the US OpenThe championship that ended the American season with the Santa Rita team with Jetta Castanola, Hector Guerrero, Shepherd Melissa Ganzi. It’s worth remembering that a few weeks ago, during the US Gold Cup too Adolfo Cambiasso, captain of La Dolphina and Palm Beach player for Team Scone, sustained a pubic injury. And I had to urgently travel to Argentina to undergo surgery, since I have already stopped participating in the following tournaments. It is estimated that Cambiasso will return for the English season.

So far in the US Triple Crown, Park Place and Pilot have shared the first two championships. Park Place, with Hilario Ulloa and Juan Britos, won the CV Whitney Cup by defeating Cambiasos (Adolveto and his son Boruto) in the final. Meanwhile, Pilot, along with Facundo Perez, Matías Torres-Zavaleta, and Mackenzie Weiss, won the USA Cup, defeating Park Place in the decisive match.

The US Open is the tournament that concludes the season. The last champion of this tournament was Scone, a team in which Guillermo Caset replaced the injured (and did a complete rehab) Cambiaso.

Another amazing fall but without consequences

During the American season there were several incidents, some of them more sensitive, such as the one I had Clemente Zavaleta (c.), the son of Golden Triplet María Emilia, who remains in hospital in a sensitive condition.

In addition to the fall of Bolito Perez, with his subsequent fracture of the collarbone, there were other amazing shots, such as the one I had Christian Labrada (h.), Reproduced on the social networks of the American Polo Association (USPA). In the scene, it can be seen how after Bartolome Castagnola (right) tries to reject the ball, Labrida (H.), in the middle of holding on to his rope, can only hit one of the poles. Immediately after that, he falls as he spins through the air, while his horse does his best to avoid being trampled on. Fortunately, there were no consequences to lament from this massive impact. La Breda (h.) is a regular participant in the Triple Crown in Argentina and has 8 goals.

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