After crossing with Endler: Ryan Torero denounces being a victim of racism ‘all the time’ in Chile | football


Ryan ToreroThe goalkeeper of Santiago Morning and a key player in La Roja, he did not have a good time after being left out of the squad that will go to the Tokyo Olympics.

In addition, after publishing an honest message on social networks in which she expressed her disapproval of the decision of coach Jose Letelier, it was captain Christian Endler who revealed the episodes of disrespect for the Chilean American.

But not all. Now, Torero has denounced being a victim of persistent racism, asserting that it is indeed common to receive this type of attack.

The goalkeeper, who was in the 2019 World Cup in France and the Olympic attaché, posted the message on Twitter. “Racism is in Chile. I experience this all the time here.”Attached is a photo of a fan making fun of his English-language posts.


And why in English? Now you think it’s English because they didn’t call her for the national team,” asked the fan, torero replies as her first language, since she was born in the United States.

After the goalkeeper’s message, many fans came out to support and support her, although others took the opportunity to mock the goalkeeper and her absence from the Olympics.

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