All news coming to your browser

All news coming to your browser

A new version of the Google Chrome browser is rolling out, and these are all the changes it includes.

As it has been for some time, every few weeks we see the arrival of a New version of Google Chrome. The most used browser in the world (And also the most vulnerable, according to the latest data) have landed on your Version 107And soon, all users will be able to enjoy the new features that are included in this version of Chrome.

The new version was introduced to the world only a few weeks after the release of Chrome Access 106. This new version introduces Important changes, which promises to improve the experience of millions of users who use the browser every day. Let’s review all the changes.

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Everything new comes with Chrome 107

Update to Chrome 107 Now available on Android and desktop platformsas a company itself confirmed today. Once installed, users will find some changes, which include, among other things Improvements in video conferencing services that works in the browser.

In this sense, the possibility of presentation A button where you can choose which tab you want to share With the rest of the participants in the video call. Also, there is an option Simplify using multiple screens when sharing content In one of these video conferences, an alert will be displayed if Share the tab where the video conference is taking place To avoid the famous mirror effect.

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secondly, Chrome 107 introduces hardware decoding support for the H.265 . video format, also known as HEVC for its English acronym. Support for this format is now available in Chrome 107 for devices running Android 5 and macOS 11 and later, as well as on some computers running ChromeOS and Windows.

Good news also for those who are eagerly waiting for the arrival pass keys, the new type of authentication with which Google intends to say goodbye to passwords forever. With Chrome 107, file support login interface, Which will allow the user to choose their preferred authentication method.

It’s really possible Download the latest version of chrome On all platforms where the browser is available. Only Android users who have the browser installed will have to access Google Play and install the latest available update.

Download from Google Play | Google Chrome

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