Download here WhatsApp Plus V21.00 APK for free | No ads | Latest version | November 2022 | Applications | nda | nnni | sports game

Download here WhatsApp Plus V21.00 APK for free |  No ads |  Latest version |  November 2022 |  Applications |  nda |  nnni |  sports game

It has proven itself as one of the applications that attracts more than one person. With it, you can not only modify the color of the smartphone platform, but also hide the “Internet” and “Typing”.

Currently there are many developers So the user can download whatever they like. Do you want to download APK without ads? Here we bring you V21.00 so that you can have it on your cell phone.

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  • Remember that before you download WhatsApp Plus, you have to make a backup of your normal WhatsApp.
  • This is because later on you will have to delete the app from your mobile device.
  • When you are done, uninstall the normal WhatsApp. In case you want to go back, you can save your copy of the chats in the cloud.
  • At that moment download WhatsApp Plus V21.00. You can get the APK file through this .
  • Grant the corresponding permissions of your Android phone to install third-party apps.
  • Once everything is done, you can enter your cell phone number and verification code.
This is what WhatsApp Plus V21.00 looks like on your Android phone. (Photo: Mag – Rommel Yupanke)
  • Remember that this WhatsApp Plus V21.00 does not restore messages you have saved in the cloud, so you have to start from scratch.
  • At that moment, you can simply start chatting and browsing by activating the various features of the latest version of WhatsApp Plus without ads.

Disadvantages of Whatsapp Plus

So why shouldn’t users have this version if it gives you more benefits? For three main reasons: first, as we said before, if they can determine that you are using this program, they can suspend your account forever, although in many cases not detected; Secondly, since it is an APK, you cannot download it directly from the Android Google Play Store, but from external sites and manually; And third, it is not 100% secure or private because it lacks end-to-end encryption.


  • Never connects to the Internet: Until now, WhatsApp Plus allows you to hide the famous “Internet” using the “Airplane mode” option. This way you won’t see that you are online, but you can continue chatting.
  • It doesn’t look like you’re writing: Another intriguing detail of WhatsApp Plus is that it allows you to hide the word “writing” not only from group chats, but also from individual conversations.
  • Exclusive emojis: Although WhatsApp is expected to add more emojis by the end of the year, they are already first in WhatsApp Plus.
  • I can see your disappearing photos: In order to protect your privacy, WhatsApp has implemented the photos and videos that you see only once. In WhatsApp Plus, you can view these files whenever you want.

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