Almost 50% of the Spanish athletes who receive scholarships to study in the United States are actually girls

Almost 50% of the Spanish athletes who receive scholarships to study in the United States are actually girls

In the past fifteen years parity has not been achieved until this session. US regulations promote scholarship parity between boys and girls, although girls usually receive a contribution of up to 30% higher. By sport, in the top universities in the country (Division I), Spain is the country with the largest number of tennis players and golfers on the women’s team. Meanwhile, in Division II, Spain is the second country with the highest number of female tennis players.

AGM, a Spanish company that has been helping Spanish students and athletes get quality education in the United States for more than 15 years, announced that during this school year 207 Spanish boys and 183 girls decided to pack their bags and study. One of more than 1,200 universities in the United States, which means that for the first time parity between students can be considered achieved, at least in terms of numbers, as the average sports scholarship obtained by boys is about 22,000 euros per course, while the average Scholarships for girls up to 29,000 euros per course on average. In some sports, such as triathlon, athletics or hockey, scholarships for athletes exceed 40,000 euros per student and course. Rowing also stands out, with a scholarship of over €80,000 per course and athlete.

In addition, the AGM highlights the fact that over 60% of Spanish athletes who study in the United States receive full scholarships during their four years of college. These scholarships cover all your academic expenses, training and competitions, sports equipment, university accommodation, and meals.

American educational system and women’s sports

Female athletes in the United States are benefited through Title IX, a federal law passed in 1972 that allows millions of women to use sports for their athletic, academic, and professional development.

All universities are committed to treating women’s sports in the same way as men’s sports: offering the same budget, facilities, means, and number of scholarships for men’s sports as for women’s.

In Olympic sports, women benefit from a special case that comes from American football, an exclusively male sport that awards 85 scholarships to each team, so universities have to offer the same number of scholarships to women’s sports in order to meet the Parity Act. This means that in sports where there are men and women, such as tennis, athletics, swimming or football, there are more scholarships and they are higher for women than for men. It also causes the NCAA to create and develop other women-only sports, such as field hockey, beach volleyball, horseback riding, triathlon, or rugby.

About AGM Sports

AGM (Athletes Global Management) was founded in Miami (Florida) in 2004, with the goal of helping students and athletes from all over the world to get a quality education in the United States, in most cases thanks to sports. The company works directly with more than 500 universities, and more than 2,600 student athletes have documented the General Assembly since the start of the company’s activities until today, having received more than $ 170 million in sports and academic scholarships for these students. Keyston Education Group, the multinational group to which AGM is affiliated, has helped more than 10,250 athletes gain one of the scholarships awarded by the 820 US universities it works with. In total, the group distributed $655 million.

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