Altán Redes fails to serve in Mexico, so there is a break with Bait, Newww and other mobile virtual operators

Users of various virtual mobile operators have reported Malfunctions and interruptions in mobile phone services on July 2.

Complaints, in most cases, were directed to virtual mobile network operators. Pete’s Twitter account Release A tweet at 12:31 PM reading that the service was intermittent and that the tech support team was already working on it. Less than an hour later, 1:21 p.m., Altan’s account export Tweet admitting the existence of “Service failed“And this work was being done to restore it.

However, the reports continued throughout the day. This is reflected by Statistics of complaints bottom detector In which complaints are registered since 9 am on July 2nd. Pilofon and Izzimóvil also recognized the interruption, although Izzimóvil told the user that “Maintenance workto the network.

Recently Altan Redis happened A loan of more than $200 million, of which 161 million came from the Mexican bank and 50.5 million from shareholders. The balance will allow you to pay to third parties and continue to operate Red Compartida.

Virtual mobile operators have offers more competitive on prepaid recharges under 100 pesos, and together they earn more lines every quarter than Telcel, AT&T or Movistar, to me CIU.

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