Alyssa Naken, Sports History: The first woman to officiate a ‘Major League’ match in 120 years

TheThe development of professional sport continues on the path of complete equality and inclusion. In the major American championships – in terms of the economic and social dimension – it is more and more common for fully qualified women to occupy positions that were the preserve of men. In baseball, for example, it took a woman 120 years to lead a “big league” team.

It happened in the confrontation between the San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres, which was played at Oracle Park. Bay team He lost his first head coach, Antoine Richardson, after an argument with referee Greg Gibson.Therefore, they enter Alyssa Naken in this position in offensive plays. Specialist has been a member of the team since 2020, on the recommendation of CEO Gabby Kapler, who was preparing for a position in strategy.

He received orders from the “hideout” – the place where the seat is – and passed them on to the team’s runners to form attacks. With 92 behind him and a 3-1 victory for the San Francisco team. A perfect and historic night for USA sports.

He eventually explained, “It’s my job. Although there is a historical element and there is more weight because of the vision. There are so many opportunities in baseball.” He won the recognition of his competitors. “I congratulate her. “It’s a special moment for the match, she should be proud,” admitted Eric Hosmer, Padres’ first policeman.

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